1. Health in the Middle Ages

Was the health good or bad?

2. .Bloodletting

Restores the balance of fluids in the body. Was a very dangerous procedure to do.

2. The Black Death

A disease that was carried by fleas that were on rats from China to the Middle East then to Europe. After the first sneeze you died 3 to 4 days after.

3. The Doctors

When the black death was going around, doctors would go to the patients that were sick and most of them had the black death. The doctors wouldn't try to help because they knew they that they could do nothing

4. Myths and Superstitions

There were many myths and superstitions about health and hygiene as there still are today. People believed, for example, that disease was spread by bad odors. It was also assumed that diseases of the body resulted from sins of the soul. (learner.org)

4. Why was health so bad?

Medieval Europe did not have an adequate health care system. Antibiotics weren't invented until the 1800s and it was almost impossible to cure diseases without them.Medical treatment was available mainly to the wealthy, and those living in villages rarely had the help of doctors. (learner.org)

5. Question 1

Was the health good or bad in the middle ages?

5. Question 2

Could the doctors do anything about the Black Death?
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7. What I think...

I think the health in the middle ages was bad. The doctors didn't have the tools or medicine that could help out a lot of things. They did not always search for the sure, they relied on what they had. That is what caused the health problems in the Middle Ages.

8. Author

Tyler Gamble 3rd Period.