Feed Teaching Component

Pages 224-244


  • The next day there is a message from Violet on Titus's feed.
  • She tells him about how neither of her parent have the feed and that they went through school without the feed. She tells him that her parent had to do things the old-fashion way.
  • Violet brings up that she was having problems with her leg earlier that day, but now she says it is doing better.
  • Violet tells Titus about how she misses how her feet would feel in the mud on a artificial sunny day.
  • The neighborhood association decides whether the day should be sunny or not.


  • While Titus is in his upcar on his way to school, he continues to listen to Violets message.
  • As Titus is listening to Violet he all of a sudden begins to smell a hospital scent.
  • This is all happening while he is arriving to school and sitting in the parking lot. Titus sits in his car for a few moments and finally realizes that the smell is Violet

  • Violet sends her bucket list to Titus. This list contains a bunch of different things that she wants to do before she dies.
  • She mostly just wants to spend time with Titus and doesn't want to remember anything from when she started to go to the hospital. She only want to focus on the past when things were much better.


  • While Titus is at school he continues to listen to Violets message.
  • Titus mentions the fact that his teachers are holograms because of budget cuts.


  • Violet contacts Titus wondering if he got her bucket list but Titus ignores her.


  • Aftelschool Titus goes to Link's house with Marty.
  • They were just hanging around until Titus asked if they wanted to go in mal.
  • While they were at the mall Titus shows Matry and Link the bucket list from Violet.
  • They get kicked out of the mall because they were under the influence and causing a scene.
  • Finally Titus talks to Violet after its already been days. He tells her that he is going to come over but she tells him no because he is under the influence. But he ends up going anyway.
  • Titus tells Violet that it will take them 5 days to complete her bucket list.

Literary Lens


Violet tells Titus that her father couldn't afford the Feed when it first came out because they were poor."My father's family didn't have the money to buy feeds for my dad and my uncle"(Anderson 224). Violet parents couldn't afford the feed when they were younger. This relates to Marxist because this shows the difference of how Titus and Violets background shape the person who they are today. Titus's parents were raised very well and had money. They never had to worry about money when they were growing up. On the other hand Violets parents, especially her dad, didn't grow with the ability to buy things whenever he wanted. When you look at Titus he buys anything that he wants because it looks fun but when you look at Violet she'll stop for a moment and ask herself if she really needs to buy this.


In Anderson's past he became very upset with how the media tried to control the way teenagers look and how they should act. "Even as a teenager, I was irate and I think a lot of teens are mad about this, mad about the way that the whole media and the advertising world try to demand that kids be a certain kind of thing"(Adolescent Literature). In Feed, we continue to hear about how Titus's brain is being filled with advertisement and that it is so bad that he can hardly walk in a straight line. This is very similar to Anderson's life because he felt, at the time, that advertisement for teenagers were just too much at once. Many of those advertisements would try to persuade teenagers into becoming things that they aren't and that's why Anderson opposed the idea of advertisement. Many of the advertisements would say if you buy this then all of your problems would go away but Anderson knew that this was a lie because buying things won't solve the problems.

Essential Question

How has technology changed our communication?

Technology has changed our communication in ways that are good and bad. Communication with technology has allowed us to reach people from far distances and gives us the ability to contact people whenever we want. Technology also has a bad influence on people, "On level three,"said Marty, who i discovered was still sitting in front of me." (Anderson 178).In Feed, when Titus is talking to Violet, he doesn't even notice that Marty is right in front of him. By Titus not even noticing Marty right in front of him then what if he walks in the middle of a street and gets hit by a bus. Technology is making us lazier and lazier as it continues to advance because people are still trying to take short cuts in life.

Discussion Question

German Enlightenment philosopher Immanual Kant argued that the “principle humanity” represented the ground of all ethical behavior: “Always treat others as ends in the themselves and never merely as means.” Explain why you think that Titus does or doesn’t treat Violet ethically. Does he use her and discard her? Is he afraid of what she represents?

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