Music & Mayhem

Ana Torrence

Music & Mayhem

“Unicorn head with crutches, crowd surfing” is all I have to say to explain the whole experience. On a drizzling day, standing on a bridge outside of the Greensboro Coliseum. My mom, Darian, and Darian’s mom has played a major role on making it happen. The reason why I chose the concert that I’ve been to because I didn’t want to try anything. All I wanted to do is stay home and be in my safe place.

When I have gotten dropped off at school, my best friend, Darian, came up to me and told me that the “Day to Remember House Party Tour” is coming to Greensboro and Pierce the veil, the Wonder Years, and All Time Low are also going to be there. I could tell she wanted to go because she loves those bands; she even introduced them to me. I was very iffy about it because I don’t do well with large masses of people and I’m a very paranoid and anxious person. I went home and told my mom about the concert to see if it was a good thing for me to go because she knows how I am, so she had to put more thought into the concert thing. So, I went ahead and texted Darian and told her that my mom ids thinking about it and she said “Ok.J”.

A few days later, my mom agreed and being us; my mom and I was very confused with ticket master so I had to call or text Darian to tell us how to do it. Next, my mom printed the ticket and we were set. The day of the concert came and I wore my leather boots, pants that had all black on the one leg and black/ white on the other with a star wars “Come to the Dark Side” muscle tee and cardigan. My mom dropped me off at Darian’s house and she decided to spray color the ends of my hair orange. After that, we drove to the coliseum.

Once Darian’s mother dropped us off, there was already a long line. So, we went up to the bridge and we waited there till we saw these two girls named Brianna and Breanna. Brianna was more like Darian, in a way; she had brunette hair, brown eyes, tan skin and was also short. Breanna was kind of like me, she had blonde hair, pale skin, and she was short with freckles. We all talked, Breanna and I took pictures of a cute boy we saw while their mom, Brianna, and Darian laughed. Then, we met Katie, she loved All Time Low, she had red hair and was short but not that short.

Next thing you know; it started raining, we bought t-shirts, and then the doors opened! We walked in and stood; waiting for the first band, “the Wonder Years” to come on. There isn’t much I could say about them because I’ve never heard of them but their music is great. All Time Low came on next, now I know enough about them. They brought up a guy with crutches and then put a unicorn head on him, and also Vic from Pierce the veil came to do a song with them. After that was Pierce the veil, I love them and was personally, Darian’s favorite band. But, in the middle of their performance I lost Darian because the crowd kept pushing to the left and the right, at the same time. During that, that’s when everything sort of went down hill.

Panic and anxiety started to creep on me, slowly. Once, A day to Remember came on, I started to panic because a lot of mosh pits started happening. But, they started playing soft songs and I’ve calmed down. Then, the concert went up hill because fire started coming out of the stage and the lead singer got into a huge plastic hamster ball and started walking on us. On the 24th song I went to go sit down because my feet were killing me and at the end, we found Darian. We dropped her off and I had a good night sleep.

My life is now, somewhat, different then how my life was before. My life before had only one friend and I’ve never talked to anyone. Now, my life is filled with 7 best friends and I want to try many different things. I want to travel the world and have many different adventures. Also, I can never stay put anymore.

In conclusion, you should always try new things because you’ll never know if you’ll like it. If I wouldn’t have gone to that concert, I would still be a loner that hides away from everything. But, I only hide away from things partly. Also, I learned to never wear boots to a concert, ever. I’m very happy that I went to my first concert and I had experience. If you never try new things, you’ll never know how fun they are.