Make the UAE less obese

Around shocking 50% of the UAE's population is obese!

What is obesity?

To understand obesity, you will need to know what BMI is. BMI (Body Mass Index) is a person’s weight measured in KG divided by his or her square of height in meters. For example, I am 1.4 meters tall, and I weigh about 30 KG. So my BMI is 30/(1.4)2 = 15.1. If someone’s BMI is 25 or over, they are overweight, but if someone’s BMI is 30 or over, the person is obese. Obesity is a dangerous disease that can lead to many problems like Type 2 Diabetes, osteoarthritis (joint pain), heart failure, and some cancers. Obesity is caused by eating food that is high in fat or sugar, and inactivity.

A view from a World Health Organization nutritionist from the UAE Office

A nutritionist from WHO’s (World Health Organization) Office for the Middle Eastern office says that people in the UAE are obese because they have high incomes, have a driver and maids to do their housework and enjoy eating at restaurants, and watch at least shocking 3 hours of TV daily and even more in summer. “People use to do their cooking at home, now we have delivery from a number of restaurants. Portions have become big and and are getting bigger.” He says. The children are overeating the wrong type of foods like from fast food chains. There is no control in the school cafeterias, they serve fast foods, sugary soft drinks. Teenage obesity is uncontrollable in the UAE, they don't walk or bike outside. We live in an environment that has junk food everywhere. The UAE also don't have many opportunities, everything is oriented around tech, vehicles, and the future.

How you can help solve the obesity problem

To help solve the big obesity crisis in the UAE, follow these steps.

  • Be very sensible about eating the right amount of junky foods.
  • Eat more healthy. (Less fast food, eat more vegetables and fruit)
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
  • Tell friends and family about the rates of obesity in the UAE and the harmful effects