Mozambique Flood

Limpopo river flooded in 2000

Cause of the flood

It started in South Africa, where heavy rain traveled over to Mozambique. There were five weeks of exceptionally heavy rain brought by cyclone Eline. The rain from South Africa and Botswana traveled down the Limpopo and other rivers connecting to the sea. These rivers eventually burst their banks and caused the flood.


Tuesday, Jan. 11th 2000 at 9pm to Wednesday, March 8th 2000 at 11pm

Limpopo River, Mozambique

Many of the rivers burst their banks, causing widespread damage. The rivers rose eight metres in 5 days, a massive increase.


90% of irrigation infrastructure was destroyed, causing mass loss of agriculture.

The rivers rose 8 metres in 5 days, a massive increase.

20,000 cattle were lost.

The Mozambican government requested $450 M in aid.

The total damage estimated was $500 million.


At least 800 people lost their lives while 463,000 people were displaced. 220,000 people were displaced or made homeless by the initial floods, but more were displaced by Cyclone Eline. The flood increased malaria and diarrhoea in an already diseased country and caused many more deaths.

Mozambique flooding