Health Science Update

August 19, 2013

It's Time to Make Yourself Proud!

Our 2013-2014 school year has gotten off to a tremendous start! We are so excited to see our returning students and are thrilled to welcome our new students - special shout out to our Freshmen, who have proven day in and day out what an excellent addition they are to our program.

Students began the year with a collaborative discussion about what pride means to them which culminated in goal setting for the academic year. We are eager to see what our students accomplish over the next several months!

For our new students and parents, here is a brief introduction to the village instructors:

Class Updates

All Health Science 9th grade students will be MAP testing at SC9GS on Friday, August 23rd!


9th Grade Science – We have spent the first weeks reviewing correct use of the metric system, unit conversion calculations, and graphing. Next week, we will begin sheep eye dissections! Students should gain a deeper understanding of the eye. This will connect with Mrs. Osborn’s class discussions and the health screenings the students will perform in the coming weeks. Our Unit 1 test over Measurement, Graphing, etc. will be on Wednesday, August 28th.

10th Honors Bio – We have spent the first weeks answering the question “What is Science?” They are gaining understanding of the basic practice of experimenting using controls, variables, and how to properly represent data collected. Next week, biology classes will also dissect sheep eyes before we answer the next question of “What does it mean to be living?” Students will be quizzed over Unit 1 Vocab on Wednesday, August 21st and tested over Unit 1 on Wednesday, August 28th.

11th Chemistry – We have reviewed and practiced with correct use of the metric system and how calculate unit conversions. After reviewing the math skills for chemistry, students will begin the first unit on matter. Students will have a quiz over measurement and calculations on Wednesday, August 21st.


English I - We have begun the year by reading short stories. We are using short stories to review figurative language, theme, and story elements, as well as to expand our knowledge of these things. This unit will take us into the beginning of September, at which point students will write their own short stories.

Honors English I - We have been using Fahrenheit 451 to explore the importance of the acquisition of knowledge, the implications of censorship and the connections between freedom of thought, education and global citizenship. Students will be tested on Friday, August 23rd.

Pre-AP English - With The Road as our basis, we have been exploring dystopian literature and asking such questions as, "Why is dystopian literature so popular?"; "What can we learn from dystopian literature?"; "What are the implications for the future if we stop critically reading and analyzing literature?" We will finish our unit with two short stories and students will be tested on Friday, August 23rd.

English III - We began the year with a review of the eras of American literature, and have moved into an extremely brief unit on Native American literature, focusing on short stories. We will finish this mini-unit this week, and students will be assessed on Friday, August 23rd

AP Language - We have begun the year by exploring identity and self-actualization using Invisible Man. Students will work with Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" and the Matrix next week to further explore these concepts before they are tested on Friday, August 23rd.


9th Grade: Students will continue to check off on vision screening skill and learn about visual disorders and diseases. We will have 2 more labs related to pupil reaction to light and simulation of select visual disorders. Students should be bringing home permissions slips for elementary school health screenings, as well as for a field trip to a Career Showcase.

10th Grade: Students should be working on their Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Module 2 online on fire safety. We will have a guest speaker on fire safety on Wednesday, August 21st, and will be doing a lab using fire extinguishers under supervision of Fire Dept on Thursday, August 22nd.

11th Grade: We will complete the 'Systems Model' Presentation. We will be doing height/weight and vision screening labs over the next few days before beginning our unit on Health Care Systems.

12th Grade: Students taking Special Topics are continuing on their online class and the Co-op students are continuing to learn their jobs.