Hassels' Headlines

Jan. 8th, 2016

News You Can Use!

Yearbook- It is not too late to order your yearbook. Click the link below to order online. Don't forget to use the following Conley School code: 10091016

Click here to order a yearbook online.

Box Tops- Keep clipping those Box Tops. Our class would love an extra PE!

Important Dates

January 11th and 12th- Papa John's PTA fundraiser. See note in the Friday folder.

Jan. 18th- NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Jr. day

Subject Snapshots


Story- The Man Who Named the Clouds

Comprehension Skills: Important Ideas and Graphic Sources

Conventions: Action and Linking Verbs

Vocabulary: Multiple Meaning Words and Context Clues

Spelling- -ed and -ing endings

Writing- New Years Goals Animoto


Unit 5: Big Numbers, Estimation and Computation

Science: Energy

Young Authors

District 158 Young Author’s

Does your child like to write? The Young Author’s program is a great opportunity for our Kindergarten through 8th grade students. The students who participate will have their books judged. One book will be chosen to represent each school in the state conference on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. Entries will be due to your child’s school by February 26th. Watch for more information to come in newsletters and on Haiku.

Click here to read more about the Young Authors Program.

Girls on the Run

Would you be interested in helping to build the confidence of the young girls at Conley and have fun doing this? If so, you need to consider becoming a coach for Girls on the Run. Being a coach is easy, rewarding, and you don't have to run! Check out the website to learn more information about this great program!



This week in literacy we did a scoot about action and linking verbs. We also did a memory game with formal and informal language where you have 2 cards that go together but one is informal and one is formal. You play it just like a regular memory game except that they mean the same thing but are worded differently. Another thing is that we wrote a connect the text where you compare and contrast two people. We did it about Luke Howard and a girl named Grace.


In Science this week the students got to use the VEX Kits to build a car! Then we did a Speed and Energy Lab where they had to send their car down a ramp at various heights and record the speed. In this experiment they learned that the more potential and kinetic energy the car has the faster the car will go. Next week will make some adjustments to the car and do a Collision Lab. Check out some pictures of your scientists in action below!


In writing we are working on animotos! Some students didn't know how to do the animotos, so the first day we just were figuring out how to do them. Our teacher showed us how to get pictures and videos! We were showed a website called clip champ.!! It's so cool. The next day we started to make our animotos,so fun! Before we could make them, we had to go over the checklist, like how to change the song and the titles. When we were done our teacher would send out these animotos, to all of our families!!

Click here to view our New Years Goals Animoto projects. Be sure to put in the correct username and password below.

username: shassels@district158.org

password: d158

Mrs. Hassels' Math Class

On Monday we started out by doing Front Row. Then Mrs.Hassels handed out papers so you could fix it. After that we did a review of 5.1-5.2. On Tuesday we did a reading and writing numbers page in our note book and then got to play math games. On Wednesday we started out with a time test and then we did a page in our journal about place value and powers of ten. THhen we did a work sheet then went over it. On Thursday we did Xtra Math and then worked on some journal pages about value and powers of ten. On Friday we did Xtra Math and then did a time test . Then we did comparing data. Then we did our study link. After that we got to read numbers then math boxes and finally Front Row.

Mrs. Price's Math Class

Monday we got a partner and did math journal pages then turned them in. Tuesday we learned and practiced percent circles then did a math game. Wednesday we did a fact practice then practiced fractions %s and decimals then we did a math game and got are homework.Thursday we practiced math facts on are whiteboards then we parred up with a partner and did a math journal page. Friday we pared up with a partner and did a test that was like the math park test then we did part B of the unit 5 test.


In Art today we did O P (optical) Art. It is art that looks three dimensional but it is actaully two dimensional. We drew a checkerboard floor and some balls that look like they are rolling.


We played this game where you hide a rubber snake, and the person that looks for it goes out into the hall until we are ready. Also, we chose a choice for free choice day. We chose a game called Encore. It is where the teacher gives you a word and you have to think of a song that has that word.


On Monday we started our dance unit. Right when we got to P.E. we stretched for a little bit and then we went straight into the dance! We first did the Electric Slide. On Tuesday we finished the Electric Slide. Wednesday we started the Louie. We finished the Louie on Friday. By:Preston