Hollywood Hill Happenings

May Edition

From the Principal

As we enter the final stretch for this 2022-2023 school year, here at Hollywood Hill we are working to ensure a strong finish to this school year even as we also begin to think about laying the foundations for the 2023-2024 year. Better weather often leads to a sometimes excessive exuberance among students (and adults!), so we invite you to join us in supporting students’ success in meeting school citizenship expectations.

Also, with the spring weather we have seen some indications of a return of flying insects to the play areas. Our Facilities Manager Marissa Porter has stalwartly been working to eliminate all identified nests, our district grounds department has been engaged in mitigation across the whole area, and we will continue to employ our preventative approach until and unless more dramatic measures become necessary. In the meantime, your reinforcement of our messages that kicking and poking at wasps is unwise would be most welcome.

A final harbinger of springtime is the return of Star, the injured deer who joined our campus last year. This year she has returned, this time with fawns. Please be especially careful when approaching and on campus!

We are also about halfway through our SBA testing season. If your child has yet to test, let me reiterate some key points about helping them do their best:

  • While it is important to encourage students to do their best, it is also important to encourage them to avoid putting too much pressure on themselves.

  • Please avoid scheduling appointments on your child’s testing days.

  • Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep.

  • Please make sure they have breakfast.

Also, you might remind them to double-check with their teacher about test security requirements. Test scores are invalidated if these are violated.

Finally, please note that this newsletter contains the form you can use to provide input relating to your child’s class placement for next year. We’d love for your voice to be heard in this process, but please do note carefully which questions are asked. We will not consider requests for a particular teacher.

Let’s have a great finish to the school year, and thank you for your partnership!

Thank you,

Dr. Gregory E. Cox


Hollywood Hill Elementary School



Pronouns: he, him, his

upcoming dates

May 25: We will have school this day, due to the snow day earlier in the year.

May 29: NO SCHOOL for Memorial Day

June 19: NO SCHOOL for Juneteenth

June 20: Last Day of School! Classes dismissed at 12:00pm

Track and Field Volunteers Needed

Seeking volunteers for HH’s young athletes!!

What? Track season is starting and we need YOU!! to help us at a couple of our meets.

Why? We need YOUR help to make two of our meets safe and run smoothly. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!

When? Tuesday, 5/16 @ 4:45 & Tuesday, 5/23 @ 5:15

Where? Tuesday, 5/16 @ Hollywood Hill; Tuesday, 5/23 @ Woodinville High School

How? Sign up here for Tuesday, 5/16

Sign up here for Tuesday, 5/23

If you are not already a Northshore School District approved volunteer, please CLICK HERE to become a volunteer. Thank you!

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get your yearbook!

Dorian has graciously offered to keep the online ordering system open until May 31st for the yearbook. Please remember that the yearbook orders were not included with the fall individual picture packets. So, if you would like one, please go to BuyTheYearbook.com and follow the steps to order one. Price is $16.50.

Safety Corner

We’d like to take this opportunity to address some safety measures, procedures, and policies that affect our school community and students. As always safety is our top concern, and we encourage anyone with any questions (none too big or too small) to reach out to Dr. Cox (gcox2@nsd.org) or Ms. O’Rourke (torourke@nsd.org)

Physical Plant


Earlier on in the calendar year security cameras were installed at various locations across campus, with the camera installation to be completed in the near future. Camera locations and views are not make public for safety and security reasons, although the location of some cameras are apparent to visual inspection. Office staff have a screen showing a continuous feed of camera views, and administrators will have access on computers and phones. Part of this project includes electronic locks on the front office door and a video intercom that can remotely open the front door for visitors (that part of the project will not be installed until the late summer or fall).


Limiting the access points to our campus has been a priority for our safety planning. Capital Projects/District Security staff completed a plan for security fencing upgrades this fall. The plan had to first be approved by the fire marshall and then go through the required contractor bidding process. This fencing plan will make a big change to access to our campus. The black ornamental fencing (similar to the adjacent pictures, taken at Frank Love Elementary) will be installed as indicated on this diagram.

(see also the Safe Schools Advisory Report)

Training and Practice

Earlier this year, staff members learned about and practiced research-based de-escalation techniques. More recently, specific staff members who have done the full training have engaged in practicing together the techniques taught by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), including the physical restraints we use as a last resort. These practice sessions have tangibly enhanced both the clarity and confidence with which each individual can deploy these methods, but also the sense of teamwork and our collective capacity to coordinate action.

Building Level Procedures

Recently we have adopted a protocol to quickly and effectively communicate with the administrators entrusted with safety and security the level of urgency of requests for support. This has noticeably accelerated response times. Similarly, the staff worked together recently over the course of several meetings to form consensus on and specify exactly which types of issues should be handled by staff and which by administrators. Eliminating ambiguity and subjectivity from these decisions should also accelerate response times.

District Level Processes

Classifying Threats

5 Steps in Threat Inquiry

Threat Assessment Form

(See also Northshore Policies and Procedures 4314F1, 4314 F1b, 4314F2)

From the Music Room

HHE Families, please mark the remainder concert dates on your calendar.

May 9th @6:30pm, HHE Gym: 2nd Grade Musical "Welcome to the Jungle"

June 6th @6:30pm, HHE Gym: 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade General Music Class Concert

Musically yours,


Yuh-Pey Lin, D.M.A.

Music, Hollywood Hill Elementary


From the Counselor

This month, students have continued learning how to show respect at school. Respect is the belief that you and others are important. Respect shows that you care about your feelings and the feelings of others. Showing others respect and understanding appropriate respect for the group dynamics is an important social skill that our students are developing.

When thinking about what being respectful looks like, it can be helpful to break it down into actionable behaviors and beliefs such as:

  • Treating others the way we want to be treated

  • Listening actively when others are talking

  • Waiting our turn to speak

  • Engage in conversation by answering questions, offering ideas, and asking questions

  • Cleaning up after ourselves

  • Accepting the choices that others make

  • Being mindful of personal space

  • Helping others through acts of service

  • Using manners like saying please, thank you, and holding the door

  • Playing fairly by taking turns, playing by the rules, and caring more about having fun than winning

  • Believing that everyone is special, unique, and valuable

  • Giving sincere compliments

  • Looking for others’ strengths

  • Including others and inviting others to join your group

In addition, below are a couple of ways that you can help your child show respect to others:

  • Model good communication skills. When you give your full attention to your child when they talk, you demonstrate respect for them. When you reflectively listen, even when you disagree with them, it shows that you are trying to understand how they feel and care about them.

  • When you experience a new place or meet new people, talk with your child about how they can show respect in those places. Help your child to notice how different spaces require different forms of respect.

Thank you for your continued partnership!

With care,

Hayley Azadmanesh

School Counselor

Parent Input Form

If you are interested in giving information about your student as it relates to next year's class placement, please fill out the following form and bring it into the office no later than May 15th. Please note: We ask that you refrain from using this opportunity to request a specific teacher or describe that teacher. Forms containing such information will not be considered.

Copies of the Parent Input Form will also be available in the office.

From the PTA

PTA activities are not sponsored nor endorsed by the Northshore School District or any of its schools. The District assumes no responsibility for the conduct during or the safety of the activities. Northshore School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action, claim, or petition filed in any court of administrative tribunal arising out of distribution of these materials including attorney's fees and judgement or awards.
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From the President

It has been an absolute pleasure serving this community as the HHE PTA President for the past 2 years. I have learned a ton, felt an immense sense of purpose and have made genuine connections within this community - I have all of you to thank for that - thank you!

Unfortunately my term is up and we have yet to identify the next person, or people, who will step into this essential leadership role. As a non-profit organization, at a minimum, we have to have a Board President (or Co-Presidents!), a Treasurer (which I would love to take on next year) and a Secretary (which has also been filled). Our PTA has been lucky enough to also have many other Board members to spread out the work over these past few years and most are thankfully staying on.

So, who is it gonna be? I know this much, whomever it will be will be handed an experienced, fun, committed, passionate team who is ready to make '23/'24 HHE's best year yet. Please contact the Nomination Committee Team at communications@hhillpta.org if you are interested or email me to see what the role is all about.

And thank you all for showing appreciation to the entire HHE Staff this week. They ROCK that we truly are their BIGGEST FANS! Fan Mail boxes will stay up all week.

With Gratitude,


PTA President (final year!)


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Last chance to register your student for the STEM Fair is THIS WEEK! Check out our website for tons of ideas and how to participate. There are only 17 HHE students registered so far and we'd love to get more than 35 projects completed to beat last year!

We need VOLUNTEERS to help this event run smoothly - we simply can't hold this event without some helpers. Please take a look and see if you are able to help out - thank you!

  • Fill out completed STEM project comment cards for students
  • Help set up and/or take down
  • Help when & where needed during the event

If you have an Art or STEM vendor you think would be a good fit to host a table at this event, please contact Laura Lee at artdocent@hhillpta.org or Josh McAdams at stem@hhillpta.org.

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Our 5th grade team only has photos for only 7 students so far!

Please send in your photos to 5thgrade@hhillpta.org by 5/10.

*You may include activity photos with 5th grade friends as well - any photos of HHE 5th graders, basically!


Before we set our calendar and budget for next year, we want to hear from YOU! Please take a few moments to fill out this survey and let us know what you'd like changed, what you'd like to stay the same, and how you'd like to be involved next year. Thank you for your time.

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Please join us for the last PTA membership meeting of the school year. This is an important meeting to be at...

  • Vote in '23/'24 PTA Board Members (we are still looking for the next President or Co-Presidents!)
  • Vote on '23/'24 Budget
  • Hear from Dr. Cox

Here is the Zoom link if you can't attend in person.

Anyone can attend, but you do need to be a current HHE PTA member to vote. If you haven't become a member yet, it's not too late! You can join at www.hhillpta.org at any time. We hope to see you there!


This Star community came out BIG on Friday, April 21 to celebrate and support the entire HHE community and we cannot thank you all enough.

Due to you all generously bidding on silent and live auction items and raising your paddles for a great cause (new risers for the music program plus funding staff needs!), we were able to reach our goals together and raise enough to support all PTA programs, events and more!

We hope to see you at our next General Membership Meeting on 5/23 @ 6:30pm in the HHE library (all are welcome!) where we will discuss the final numbers and vote on how to allocate funds raised (you must be a PTA member to vote).

None of this would have been possible without...

....the support of our local sponsors:

...the generous donations of auction items from this giving community!

...and the volunteers who donated time out of their busy schedules to ensure success!

A big round of applause for ALL involved! THANK YOU!! We are grateful and promise to continue this important work for this special community - with your help, of course :)

Upcoming in May & June

  • 5/19: Art Walk & STEM Fair
  • 5/23: PTA Membership Meeting (last one of the year!)
  • 6/2: Donuts with Grownups 9-9:20am | HHE Campus
  • 6/13: Field Day
  • 6/14: 5th Grade Picnic
  • 6/15: 5th Grade Ceremony
  • 6/20: Last Day Room Parent Classroom Celebrations