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Superintendent's Update - Nov 4 - MHS Pivot to Remote

MHS to go to Remote Learning

November 4, 2020

Dear Dragon Community,

Mountainburg Public Schools is working with the ADH and due to COVID related cases or possible contacts. We currently have three positive cases in the High School, with more test results pending. Due to the number of teachers out, the lack of enough substitute teachers to cover classes, and the need to contact trace and clean, MHS students in Grades 9-12 will move to REMOTE Learning for the following dates:

Thursday, November 5, and Friday, November 6, 2020.

As the situation develops it will be assessed, and as we get more information we can determine the impact on upcoming student activities and whether we can resume on-site instruction on Monday, November 9.

This pivot to remote learning is for grades 9-12 only. On-site instruction will continue for Mountainburg Elementary Schools and Mountainburg Middle School. Food Service, Transportation, and Custodial services will continue as normal. MHS teachers and para pros who are not quarantined will report on-site for normal hours and be available for remote instruction and student assistance through phone calls, emails, and zoom. Those who are quarantined but not ill will be working remotely, and be available through email or zoom.


Dr. Debbie Atwell


9-12 Meal Orders Available: order before 9:00 AM each day

MPS will provide TO GO breakfasts and lunches for 9-12 grade students Thursday and Friday.

See form; complete by 9:00 AM daily.

Orders can be picked up in front of MHS from 10:30-11:00 daily

Contact Tracing

For questions about COVID exposure, symptoms, and testing contact tracing please contact the district Point of Contact, Nurse Amy Allen at Amy.Allen@mountainburg.org or (479) 420-8486

Keep learning on Track

It is important that students keep learning during this time. Please review the following resources.

How do 9-12 students continue accessing and submitting assignments:

The Learning Management System for MMS is Edgenuity. Each teacher will assign lessons within the Edgenuity platform to address the time period necessary. Teachers may also use Zoom, closed facebook groups and/or parent contact apps to supplement lessons and maintain contact. Teachers and students will stay the course with fidelity for learning just as in the actual classroom. Students without internet will be provided print material that will be sent home with them or picked up by parents at an arranged time. Hot spots are limited, but may be available upon request. Teachers will be available for parent communication/coaching and phone calls during school hours. Teachers will be responsible for weekly lesson uploads, grading and giving feedback to students in a timely manner,being available to answer parent questions, monitoring students social and emotional wellbeing and notifying the principal or counselor of concerns. All teachers will participate in weekly Zoom meetings/Google Hangout/Facebook groups to check in with students.

How do 9-12 students get access to devices?

Students in grades 9-12 have been assigned chromebooks, chargers, and carry cases.

How do 9-12 grade students without home internet continue accessing and submitting assignments:

Is cellular reception available at the home, but need assistance with internet access?

The district is able to provide cellular hotspot devices through Verizon that can be used to connect the district Chromebook(s) to the internet. Internet access is filtered and limited to only district Chromebooks and district approved websites. The hotspot will only work in an area that can receive a Verizon cellular signal.

Parents who submitted responses to the Internet Access Survey in September 2020 were able to request access to a hotspot device and have completed the user agreement. The user agreement can be submitted at this link: https://forms.gle/aKS4RAxuXVphvB4P6

To request a hot spot call the DVA support number (479) 662 - 6262 or email DVA at virtualacademy@mountainburg.org.

To connect the device once you get home simply plug the power cord into the device and wall outlet. Power on the device, wait approximately 60 seconds then turn on the MPS Chromebook. It will automatically connect to the Hot Spot.

For technical assistance troubleshooting connections contact : DVA at (479) 662 - 6262

Still no internet? No cellular signals in your area?

The parking lot at MHS is equipped with drive-by Wifi.

Once you park in the lot school-issued student devices will connect. Assignments can be downloaded and uploaded at that time.

MHS also has a paper option version:

Copies can be made for a student if all attempts to provide internet and devices have been exhausted. These will be picked up by the parent at school. This work can be turned in with either pictures taken and emailed to the teacher or by bringing the physical copies to MHS drop off box.

How can 9-12 grade students get access to support services during this time:


Amber Bassham SLP





Maya Longino- Dyslexia Specialist



Virtual online platform

SPED Services


Debbie Pinkerton- Special Education Director



Remote learning options by LRE services

PT/OT Therapy

***Jill Warren-Occupational Therapist



Zoom, Home packets, Optional sites

***Ashleigh Brown- Physical Therapist


Zoom, Home packets, Optional sites


Behavioral/Mental Health

***Jessi Hamilton- LPC Middle/High School




Homeless/McKinney Veno


Debbie Pinkerton - Coordinators



504 Services

Debbie Pinkerton - 504 Liaison



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Dr. Debbie Atwell is serving her third year as superintendent. She and husband Roger are MHS graduates, life long residents of the community, and are owned by dogs Woodrow & Sadie.