Information/Vacation for Honduras


  • Honduras covers 43,278 square miles of land
  • La Mosquitia is made up of mountains, wetlands, and tropical forests
  • La Mosquitia is located in the northeastern coast
  • Precious woods, gold, silver, copper lead, and lead are found in Honduras
  • Honduras has mountains but no volcanoes or farmland because of poor soil
  • Since there is not a lot of volcanoes there is not a lot of soil so they have to cut down trees for more land and soil
  • Wildlife has been affected because they have to cut down the trees
  • The people in Honduras are trying to stop that trend of cutting down the trees
  • The lowlands have a subtropical climate
  • The highlands have a temperate climate
  • Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras
  • Honduras is rainy May-November
  • March-May is the hottest months in Honduras
  • In Honduras March-May can reach up to 105 degrees
  • In Honduras the South is warmer


  • Mayan Empire was doing great until about AD 800
  • Columbus landed in 1502 and they called the area Honduras
  • Natives battled the Spanish until 1539
  • When Lempira was killed that is when the fighting stopped
  • Lempira is now a hero to the Honduras people
  • Immigration got bigger once silver was found
  • Silver was found in the 1570's
  • Honduras became independent from spain in 1821
  • Honduras became independent in 1838
  • Tiburcio Carias rule ended in 1949


  • Honduras divided into eighteen departaments
  • The President of Honduras is Portirio
  • The President serves a 4 year term
  • The Judicial branch is independent
  • 1 group of congress seats 128
  • Honduras people start voting at age eighteen
  • The two main partys of Honduras are Leberal party and the National party
  • The Civilian rule began in the 1980's


  • Honduras is one of the poorest countries
  • 62% of Honduras's population live in poverty
  • Honduras is based on agriculture
  • Some of the provitable exports are bananas, coffee, seafood, timber ,cotton, sugar, and metals
  • Manufactured items are becoming important in Honduras
  • The Central American Free Trade Agreement came efficial in 2006
  • Honduras is a member of the Central American Free Trade


DAY 1:

Today I traveled to Chicago to Houston and then Houston to Tegucigalpa. When I got there I checked into InterContinental Real Tegucigalpa. Right away I took a Horesback Riding Adventure Tour. That took 5.5 hours and it cost $71

DAY 2:

Today I left the InterContinental Real Tegucigalpa and went on the Rainforest Canopy Tours. It cost $69. Right after that I went to Pizza House to eat some lunch. When I finished I went rafting. Then I ate supper at Creole Rotisserie Chicken. After that I went back to the hotel room.

DAY 3:

Today I went on the Damas Island Kayaking Tour. It cost $71. Then I went to go eat at La Trattori for lunch. Then I finished up the tour and went to the Pizzeria Italia for supper. After that I went back to the hotel room.

DAY 4:

Today I planned to go in the water, so I went on the Jet Skiing Snorkeling Adventure. It cost $136. I did that For 3 1/4 hrs. Then I got hungry and went to La Cacerola. Then I went back to my hotel and rested then I went on the Savegre River White Water. It cost $102. Then I ate at the Comidas Royale and then I went back to my hotel room.

DAY 5:

Today I got up and went on the Catamaran Adventure. It cost $82. Then I ate at Factory Steak and Lobster. Then I just stayed at my hotel until I was hungry again. When I was hungry I left and ate at Restaurante Azulejos. Then I went back to my hotel room.

DAY 6:

Today is my last day of being in Tegucigalpa, Honduras so i decided to go on the Manuel Antonio National Park Hike. It cost $47. Then I ate at Steakhouse. Then I went back to my hotel and started packing a little. Then I left to go eat at Creole Rotisserie Chicken which cost $120. Then I went back to my hotel room.

DAY 7:

Today I left Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I traveled from Tegucigalpa to Houston and then to Chicago.


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