Life Group Leaders Weekly

Week Four (February 10 - February 16)




Hello Life Group Leaders!

Welcome to week 4 of our Spring Life Group Semester! How's it going? It is our hope and prayer that you are enjoying time in the Word, Prayer and Fellowship with one another. There aren't enough ways to say thank you for all that you do in support of this ministry and those who are involved.

As indicated at Essentials training, I have the privilege to connect with you to throughout the semester. I'll begin reaching out this week to ask how things are going and offer support. Look for an email to come from me early next week and please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I am looking forward to chatting with you!

Just a quick note that your group Covenants should now be signed by all of your group members. You might have had one or two missing this week so be sure to take them aside next week and let them sign too.

Here are a few key things covered in this edition of Leaders Weekly:

  • Mission Touch Points
  • SERVE Projects
  • Attendance Submissions
  • Social Media (#HashTag) Challenge
  • Leaders Tools

In Christ,

Heather Thomas

Mission Touch Points:

Host Spotlight - From full meals, to weekly member sign-up sheets, there is no right or wrong way to being a great host. Each year we hear about our incredible hosts and no matter the method they choose, the thing that makes them great is that they strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment for their Life Group members. Hosts are the facilitators of the 'details'. You are the group and event organizers and we thank you for being such great logistical leaders.

Groups Serving This Week:

Episcopal Soup Kitchen of the Savior

General Organization and Cleaning Support

Young Adults Group

Leaders/Hosts: Stewart & Christine de Jong



You guys are doing great! If you need help, don't hesitate to ask.


Groups who are scheduled to serve will be posted above. Don't forget to wear your SERVE Shirts and post photos!! Need a SERVE shirt? We've got you covered! Reach out to Sharon or myself with shirt sizes and we'll get shirts to you. Oh! And don't forget to defer a weekly meeting the week of your serve project (or the week of your choosing).


Remember to share your photos on Social Media with #CRCLifeGroups to be entered for a $250 gift card drawing! Even a single entry could win the gift card for your Life Group.

You may also upload any additional Serve & Social Photos directly to the link below:

LEADER TOOLS - Our Leader Tools Page is updated weekly on our church website.

  • Leader's Weekly
  • Leaders Audio
  • Sermon Guide
  • And more!

Check out our Leader Tools Page here:


  • Relationships! - Consider spending at least 15 minutes in the beginning of your meeting to get to know one another.
  • Prayer - Whether you decide to pray in the earlier part of the meeting or at the end, make sure to keep prayer time a priority. Thank God for how he has brought your group together.
  • Homework - Dive deeper into your discussions by taking advantage of the Leader Tools (Written & Audio Guides).
  • Serve Projects - If you haven't already, give your group the necessary details so they can put it on their calendar.
  • Look for my email!

THIS WEEK - Week Four

Sermon Text:

Romans 13:8-14


"Love, for the DAY is near"

LIFE GROUP LEADER NOTES & AUDIO GUIDE - Brought to you by: Julie Mendes

Audio Guide: Due to technical difficulties, the Week 4 Audio Guide is temporarily unavailable.

#CRCLifeGroups - Challenge

The #CRCLifeGroups Challenge is fun way for people to engage with groups while we serve and socialize together. If your group chooses to accept the challenge, you may be eligible to win an opportunity to enjoy some group social time, on us!

It's simple - Post your pictures and videos on Facebook with hashtag #CRCLifeGroups. Oh! And don't forget to share with everyone why you love your Life Group in the post.

Drawing will be held after week 9 of this semester.


  • 1 entry per person, per event, regardless of number of posts made by a single individual
  • Entries must include #CRCLifeGroups in order to be eligible
  • Photos uploaded directly to the Dropbox link are ineligible for points

Now that you've read all of the rules here are the Gift Card Options:

$250 Fansler Gift Card (Pismo's Coastal Grill, Westwoods BBQ or Yosemite Ranch)

$250 Fandango Gift Card (Movies 8, Metro 4 or Lemoore Stadium Cinemas)

The Life Group Coordinator Team