Basics on Egypt

I am doing a project on Egypt.The capital of Egypt is Cairo.Egypt's Flag has three colors red means the difficulties when going against the British occupation of Egypt.The White represents the ending of Monarchy.The Black stands for the end of oppression for the people of Egypt in the hands of Monarchy.The last thing on the flag is the bird with the Shield which symbolizes the strength and power.

Geography of Egpyt

Egypt is located in Africa and is surrounded by Isreal ,Libya ,and Sudan.The big landform that is there is the Arabian Desert.One of the landmarks in Egypt is the great sphinx of Giza.
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The Culture of Egypt

In Egypt one Major language is Arabic.The Religion the have in Egypt is Islam the people feel that Jesus didn't die on the cross that there God would let Jesus die a torturous death.One of the popular foods in Egypt are mashed Fava beans.
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History of Egypt

In 7000 BC there was the beginning of the settlement of the Nile valley.In 33 AD Christianity comes to Egypt.