December 2014

Best Wishes for Happy Holidays and a Safe, Restful Winter Break! You are a gift to our students.

Visit the Sweetwater Union High School District Professional Development Calendar to keep up with everything the SUHSD is doing to connect people to learning opportunities.

Bookmark the link to the Google Drive Calendar. Contact Edna Espinoza in Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development to request additions or changes to the calendar.

January 12 Preservice Day: PLC meetings and Professional Development at School Sites

If you teach one of the subjects listed below, please join colleagues where appropriate. Otherwise, please report to your school site for professional development.
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Written Curriculum: Visit the SUHSD Curriculum & Professional Development Canvas Course to Find Instructional Guides and Other Materials to Aid in Planning for Semester 2

Visit this link to access the Canvas course.

Tested Curriculum: Final Exams Are Wrapping Up!

A note about "performance bands" in Data Director:

In the past, student results on End-of-Course Exams were accompanied by performance bands labeled descriptively (i.e. "below basic," "proficient"). This year, "performance bands" simply group scores in 25-point increments. There are several reasons for this.

  1. First, "performance bands" should be based on actual DISTRIBUTION of student scores on an assessment; without knowing how students actually DID on a test, assigning descriptive labels to their performance is arbitrary. In fact, the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) just recently released information on "achievement levels" and predicted distribution of student scores by level based on last Spring's pilot tests. Learn more about that here.
  2. Second, teachers must make thoughtful decisions regarding how to use Final Exam data. Members of PLCs should discuss both the assessment tool and resulting data when making shared decisions regarding how to "count" final scores as a factor in students' semester scholarship grades.

Members of the District-level Curriculum Specialist team are taking a close look at both SBAC predicted distributions and student performance on 2013 semester 1 EOCs as they consider distribution of student scores on this semester's final exams. Future "performance bands" will be established after consideration of these and other data.

Taught Curriculum: Zone Workshops to Feature "Promising Practices" at the Classroom Level

Please see the schedule below regarding Third Quarter Cohort and Zone workshops.

Cohort Workshops (Site Curriculum Specialists Only)

January 16: ELA Cohort (PDC)

January 23: Math Cohort (PDC)

February 3: Science Cohort (PDC)

February 10: History/Social Science Cohort (PDC)

Zone Workshops: All Content-Area Teachers in Four Core Content Areas

January 26: Zone 1 ELA (SUH/NCM)

January 27: Zone 2 ELA (MVH/MVA)

January 28: Zone 3 ELA (PDC/RDR)

January 29: Zone 4 ELA (SOH/HTM)

February 4: Zone 1 Math (SUH/NCM)

February 5: Zone 2 Math (MVH/MVA)

February 6: Zone 3 Math (ORH/RDR)

February 9: Zone 4 Math (SOH/HTM)

February 11: Zone 1 Science (SUH/PDC)

February 12: Zone 2 Science (MVH/MVA)

February 17: Zone 3 Science (ORH/RDR)

February 18: Zone 4 Science (SOH/HTM)

February 19: Zone 1 H/SS (PDC/NCM)

February 20: Zone 2 H/SS (CPH/MVA)

February 21: Zone 3 H/SS (ORH/RDR)

February 22: Zone 4 H/SS (SOH/HTM)

SUHSD Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development

Roman Del Rosario, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Katrine Czajkowski, Lead Curriculum Specialist

Daniel Cohen & Mimi Williams, Math Curriculum Specialists

Gina Vattuone & Rhea Faeldonea-Walker, ELA Curriculum Specialists

Ana Garcia & Melanie Brown, Science Curriculum Specialists

Kelly Leon & Olga Loya-Estrada, History/Social Science Curriculum Specialists