Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's Classroom


Wednesdays - Just Running

Monday, May 2nd -Talent Show Rehearsal

Tuesday, May 3rd - Talent Show Performances

Thursday, May 5th - Jump Rope for Heart

Friday, May 6th Evacuation Drill

Thursday, May 12th - Author Visit & Field Trip Forms and Money Due

Friday, May 13th - School Store

Friday, May 27th - Philadelphia Field Trip (meet at school at 7:15am)

Monday, May 30th - No School

Thursday, June 2nd - Tug of War

Friday, June 3rd - Field Day


Thank you to everyone for making Teacher Appreciation Day so special. I am so lucky to have been blessed with an incredible class of kind, polite, and energetic students. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you this school year as we guide the children in reaching academic success and navigating their work habits and study skills. Thank you for your continuous support!
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Talent Show Success!

Congrats to the cast and crew from our fifth grade class who performed in and produced the show, Trailblazers in the Big City!

  • Cianna
  • Gauri
  • Maeve
  • Liam
  • Alan
  • Ava
  • Amaris
  • Ella
  • Nicolette
  • Maddie
  • Om
  • Krishna
  • Evan
  • Dylan

Link for Clearance Information (below)

Please remember, after you have all your clearances, you need to submit them to HR electronically. See the link below for further information.


This week, students will be reading about and discussing their views on the topic of child labor and muckrakers. After reading about these topics, students will be watching short media clips that will add to their background knowledge and will then have the opportunity to share their thoughts on our classroom blog. You will be able to view the comments once they go 'live' on our classroom webpage under the Reading tab (direct link to blog).

Students will also have the opportunity to read about the story of Rosa Parks, with the purpose of developing a time-line of key events from the text. Sometimes when we work with a newer skill (like sequencing) it is helpful for students to practice with a story they are familiar with. This eliminates the students having to navigate their comprehension of the story and instead focus on the skill at hand. After students create their timeline of Rosa Parks (based on the text) they will independently apply the skill with their Mini-Reader text.

We will wrap the week by reading the selection, One Dream Inspires Others, which focuses on how people are inspired to make changes from 'the work, dedication, and words of others'. We will work with this text to determiner the author's message and use it to engage in conversation about the message.

Ask your child:

What video clip did you watch? (child labor, muckrakers, Chavez)?

What topic did you blog about?

Whose comment did you response to on the blog?

What is your opinion about how children were treated in the workplace? or Which muckraker impressed you the most with their actions?

Based on your reading, why do people stand up for freedom and rights?

Social Studies

This week in social studies, students will be learning about the declaration of independence. We will focus on the following; the Second Continental Congress, Thomas Paine's booklet; Common Sense, and writing and approving the Declaration of Independence.

Ask your child:

What were the 3 tasks the Second Continental Congress?

Who wrote the draft of the Declaration?

What changes did the Second Continental Congress make to the Declaration?

Who was Thomas Paine?

What was Common Sense and how did it influence colonists?


This week, we have launched the requirements for our Colonial Newspaper projects. Over the next few weeks, students will be writing a variety of informative pieces on the topic of the Revolutionary War. This project is a mix of creative writing and research writing as students will explore the genres of tabloid articles, wanted ads, comic strips, summaries, and directions on how to be King George.

Ask your child:

How is your "How To Be King George" writing piece coming along? Do you have a favorite line?

Do you have any ideas for your Tabloid article?