Back in Time...

John Brown's Raid


  • On October 16, 1859, John Brown along with 21 men (5 blacks and 16 whites), raided the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry.
  • Brown had hopes the local slave population would join the cause to start a war in the state of Virginia.
  • Robert E. Lee arrived along with the U.S Marines at the engine house where they staying and quickly killed and captured many of the raiders.
  • John Brown was captured and put on trail for treason against the state of Virginia, murder, and slave insurrection.
  • He was sentenced to death and was hanged on Deecmber 2, 1859.


John Brown's raid sparked up controversy and a huge debate over the issue of slavery. He left and "enduring" legacy. On the day of his death many abolitionists hailed John Brown and church bells in the Northern cities rang. The event of his execution led to a controversy between Republicans and Democrats . Twenty-Two years after his death, Frederick Douglas still remembered him on one of his speeches.

By Yeslin Alpizar