DCS Ravens' Report

March 11th, 2022

Important Dates

March 18th-End of Trimester 2

March 25th-Ashuelot Concert Performance

April 18th-22nd-NHDI Residency

April 25th-29th-April Vacation

Message from Principal Nicole Pease

Good afternoon DCS families, we hope you and your families enjoyed the February Break. Staff made sure to take some time to rest and recharge our batteries! This time of year is very exciting instructionally as many of the learning pieces come together and students take off in writing, reading, and math!

We are thrilled to be looking forward to NHDI (New Hampshire Dance Institute) returning to DCS! Each classroom will be taught a dance routine, which will then be performed for the school and parents. This is a wonderful experience for our students and we cannot wait! Thanks so much to the Dublin Community Foundation for their support.

Another exciting piece of news is that the pavillion is finished! With support from the Bitty Fund and the Dublin Community Foundation, DCS will have its own outdoor learning space! Just in time for spring.

Next week brings St. Patrick's Day which is celebrated in many different ways; from writing about who is worth more than gold, to writing sight words on paper gold coins, to desgning and making traps in hopes of catching Lucky the Leprechaun. It is a wonderful way to integrate lots of different activities!

Have a wonderful weekend, Nicole

Big picture

Kind Kindergarten

Excitement is rising in Kindergarten as we learn about St. Patrick’s Day! Lucky Leprechaun, from Dublin, Ireland, often vacations in Dublin, NH. Well, we heard a rumor that he had been spotted, so the children used stencils to create little leprechaun pots, that will be perfect to fill with his gold! We know that Lucky sometimes visits DCS, so I left the shades cracked open last night, so that he could peek in to see that we are getting ready for him! Sure enough he left some gold coins cut from paper for the children to find, and use to write on while they practiced sight words! We’ve enjoyed lots of Leprechaun stories, learning about symbols of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day, and creating rainbow chains to decorate our classroom and hallway for the big day! Tradition is that Lucky visits throughout the week prior to St. Patrick’s Day and shows his true colors on the 17th. Early next week we will plan and sketch our ideas, and on the 16th we’ll be using our engineering skills to build leprechaun traps to see if we can catch the little rascal! I’m sure that you will all hear if we are successful!

Fun First Grade

First graders began a unit on measurement this week. They are learning all about centimeters and how to find the difference in length between two objects, We have St, Patrick's Day fever around here and have been reading several Irish folktales telling the many adventures of the clever leprechauns! Next week, they will be engineering leprechaun traps! If you have a shoebox or any sort of container please send it in!

Extra Clothes

As you are all aware, Mother Nature is playing all kinds of trick on us! As a result, the playground is very wet. Please be sure your child has an extra set of clothes at school.

Please remember to update Pick Up Patrol

One of the aspects of a new school year that can be challenging is the bus routes. It takes time for new drivers and students to get used to the timing of the pick ups and drop offs. Each day has gone a bit more smoothly.

Please help us by updating any changes in drop off or pick up through Pick Up Patrol.

Thank you!

Allergy Season

With the warm weather the start of allergy season is upon us. If your child has allergies, please make sure we have documentation from your child's doctor verifying this. As allergy symtoms can be similar to COVID 19 symptoms it would be helpful to have this information on hand.

Drop off in the morning

Please be aware that the school day starts at 8:20am.

Water Bottles-please make sure your child has one at school

With great help from the PTO a few years ago, we have a bottle filler at DCS! We do not have extra water bottle for students though, so please be sure to send your child in with a labeled water bottle. Thank you! Currently, the water fountain is not in use for students so a water bottle is needed.