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Jasper Weekly 12.14.15 to 1.3.16

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I was reminded on two occasions this past week of the need for patience. And how difficult patience can be.

The first occasion was when I ran into a former student at the choir concert. I coached this young man in 8th grade and vividly remember our interactions. When I met him the other night, he was 6' 5" and super professional and polite, doing extremely well for himself in his family and career. This is not the student I coached in 8th grade! Every time I get this opportunity, I realize that I am planting seeds with students and to be patient and supportive because the person they are today is not the person they will become.

The other occasion I had was out shopping this weekend. Which, by the way, did anyone know that this weekend is a popular shopping weekend? What I was amazed by was the number of adults that seem to have absolutely no awareness of others and their surroundings. Who just stops in the middle of an aisle at Toys "R" Us to rest and start up a conversation? And expects you to just find another route to the Minnie Mouse toys.


We all find our methods to increase patience. For me, remembering all the times I have met my former students as adults and a Starbuck's in my hand do the trick.

Upcoming Birthdays

Jana Hall-Wednesday, December 16th

Lily Peng-Monday, December 21st

Laurie Thomas-Wednesday, December 30th

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Upcoming Weeks at Jasper

12/14-Tacky Holiday Sweater Day (Staff and Students)

12/15-12/18-Semester Exams

12/16-Staff Luncheon

1/4-Staff Breakfast/Meeting (8:30 breakfast, 9:00-10:30 staff meeting)

1/5-Students Return

1/7-Journey to Jag Country

1/18-Student/Teacher Holiday

1/27-Spirit Sales in the Foyer during Block Lunch

1/30-Winter Formal

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General Announcements and Reminders

1. (NEW) Denim Update

2. (NEW) Journey to Jag Country Preparations

3. Professional Communications Reminder

4. Safe Schools Training

1. (NEW) Denim Update

Denim all week!

2. (NEW) Journey to Jag Country Preparations

Please start your efforts to have your room presentable for Journey to Jag Country on Thursday, January 7th. Make sure classroom areas are clean and presentable and updated student work is on display.

3. Professional Communications Reminder

Recent events have reinforced the expectation that all work-related communications should be professional at all times. This also includes text messages. When open records requests are made, even work-related text messages (even from a personal device) that contain the requested subject matter are to be included in the request.

It is helpful to review any communication before it is sent and ask whether or not you would be ok with the superintendent, parents, and students reading it. Just a good rule of thumb.

4. Safe Schools Training

Before December 18:

  1. Sexual Misconduct: Staff to Student
  2. General Ethics in the Workplace - Texas Version
  3. Family Reunification

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