O'Maley Family Focus

May 13, 2021

Dear O'Maley Families,

Full school days are up and running at O'Maley. Students seem to have gotten over the hump of the longer school day, lunch and recess are providing an opportunity to socialize, and learning is humming along. Almost like the good old pre-COVD days.

There is some important information for you related to meals and snacks, MCAS testing next week, and 8th grade end of the year celebrations.

Please read on!


Principal Lynne Beattie

This week's COVID testing came back with all negative results!

Mask Wearing Continues at School

I have gotten quite a few questions about masks and distances recently. While some of our restrictions have been able to loosen, masks remain a requirement at school. Students may remove them while eating, or while at least 6 feet apart outside. The 3' rule that Governor Baker has announced does not apply at school.

We are all hoping that conditions continue to approve and that restrictions continue to relax, but until then we are staying the course.

MCAS Testing Begins May 18th in Person and Remote

MCAS testing is scheduled for next week beginning Tuesday, May 18th. Testing has been reduced to a single day per subject this year. While many may wonder why we are testing at all, the information will be helpful to ensure we know where our students stand with their learning so we can make adjustments in our curriculum.

Please encourage your children to take it seriously, and not to stress. It's information that can only be helpful. The best preparation is simply to get a good night's rest and to eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is available for free in the cafeteria each morning, and can be picked up to be eaten as a snack later in the day as well.

Our MCAS schedule is below:

6 ELA Tuesday, May 18

8 ELA Wednesday, May 19

7 ELA Thursday, May 20

Testing will begin at approximately 8:00 a.m. on each testing day. Students should remember to bring their Chromebooks fully charged and should have a book to read (non-electronic) in case they finish the test before classes are resumed.

6 Math Monday, May 24

8 Math Tuesday, May 25

7 Math Wednesday, May 26

8 STE Wednesday, June 2

O'Maley 8th Grade Celebration Events

We have finally confirmed plans for the end of the year celebration of our 8th graders' three years at O'Maley. What an experience it has been! There are still a variety of restrictions that prohibit what we have known as "normal" events, but we have planned a series of experiences for our kids to reflect on their time here and to proudly celebrate their moving on. Below are the days and times of school sanctioned 8th grade events:

  • June 15th In-school field day after lunch
  • June 15th, 6: 30 p.m. Virtual Graduation Ceremony
  • June 17th, 1:30 p.m. 2nd annual family drive by parade

I would like to thank the PTO for dedicating funds from the very successful calendar fundraiser to purchase t-shirts for each of our 8th graders.

Lunch & Recess Update

Students have settled into new seating arrangements this week, and are happily located near friends. I want to thank our guidance counselors, Allison Alves, Beckie Matheson, and Mary White, for collecting requests and organizing the cafeteria seating with student input.

We do have a few challenges related to meals and snacks that I am requesting your assistance with:

  • Please encourage your child to eat breakfast and at snack break and lunch. Breakfast and lunch remain free for the remainder of the school year. Breakfast snacks can be picked up and saved for snack break as well. Doors open at 7:20 for students who want to eat or pick up food.
  • Caffeinated beverages and energy drinks ARE NOT ALLOWED at school.
  • Spicy TAKI's (Hot and spicy chips) should not be sent to school. They have made a number of students ill due to the spice and heat.
  • Water Bottles should be brought to school on a daily basis. Particularly with the weather warming up, students should stay hydrated. All of our water bottle fillers are filtered and operable.