Rockbrook Pool

August/September Newsletter

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10800 West Center Road Omaha, NE 68144

Closing Time!

It's almost closing time for Rockbrook Pool. Join us for our final pool days this weekend. It looks like swimming weather!

Friday: Open 4pm-9pm

Saturday and Sunday: Adult Swim 12-1pm and Open 1-8pm

Monday (Labor Day): Open 11am-5pm

We are so excited for Zemog's Mexican Food Truck on Labor Day! The pool will be open for our last day Monday, September 4th. Zemog's will be at the pool from 12-3pm! They will be serving burritos, nachos, salads, quesadillas and more. Check out their delicious menu below.

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Life Guard of the Year

The Pool Board would like to recognize Marty Mormino and Mark Gurnett as our Lifeguards of the Year with an Honorable Mention to Stella Minge, who all received a bonus for their outstanding commitment this summer!

Mark and Marty went above and beyond this season. They were both dependable, responsible, and problem solvers. Marty was someone we could count on to be there on time or if we needed help with extra cleaning or filling a shift. He was always focused and watching the pool to keep everyone safe when on duty. Mark was there with a smile on his face and was the first to volunteer when managers asked for help to get pool duties completed. He was a great leader and was loved dearly by his young swimmers that he coached on the swim team. Thank you Mark and Marty!

We also want to recognize Stella Minge as our Honorable Mention. Our manager Heather said that she was always helpful and was someone she could count on. We appreciate you Stella!

Thank you to all of our lifeguards who were flexible and helped keep the pool a wonderful place to be. We appreciate all of you for all you do.

Staff Shout Out

We would like to give a shout out to our Pool Manager, Heather Bruce! She stepped in to help this summer when we were in need of a manager for the remainder of the summer. She is a former Pool Board Member and the sister of our Tax Advisor. This summer would not have been possible without her help. She kept our pool chemicals balanced, managed lifeguard schedules, came in early to vacuum, and was a problem solver every day.

We could not have done it without you Heather! If you see her at the pool in these final days, please thank her for jumping in at the last minute to help make Rockbrook Pool a safe, clean and enjoyable place to be!

We are Looking for a New Pool Manager!

As Heather moves on to her retirement, we are looking for a full time manager for next summer. Duties also include monthly board meetings in the off season. If you know of someone who would be an excellent candidate as our Pool Manager, please send them to the pool website to apply. The job description is posted on the website.

Swim Team Champions

Congratulations to our swim team and coaches on their Class A Championship this year. We appreciate all of our coaches and volunteers who make this possible. We could not do it without you!

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