Mrs. Mitzel's Classroom News

Monday, November 3 - Friday, November 7, 2014

Don't miss the snack calendar for the first two weeks of November! (listed below)

A BIG Thank you.... to everyone who sent in items for our Halloween party!

We had plenty of food and drinks and we enjoyed all of it! I really appreciate all your help!

What we are learning this week:

Our weekly story: Who Works Here?

Question of the week: Who works to make our community a nicer place?

Spelling words: like, ride, smile, time, white, bike, dime, hide, ice, kite

High frequency words: live, out, people, who, work

Amazing words: citizen, community, law, leader, branch, headquarters, patrol, earn

Phonics: Long i: i_e, Consonants digraphs wh, ch, tch, ph

Conventions: Special Titles

Math: Collecting and Using Data; Real Graphs, Bar Graphs, Picture Graphs, Tally Marks

Spelling city assignments have been posted for the week :)

Sorry about last week! If ever you find that there are no assignments posted... please choose whatever activities you like ... using the current week's spelling words. I can see all activities that students do, even it they are not assignments. (Even when there are assignments you can still do other activities as well, if you like.)

Homework this week:

Read the weekly story each night

Monday - Language Sheet - Write spelling words 3x each OR Spelling City

Tuesday - Math Sheet -Sentences with first 5 spelling words OR Spelling City

Wednesday - Language Sheet - Sentences with last 5 words OR Spelling City

Thursday - Math Sheet - Put spelling words in alphabetical order OR Spelling City

Friday - No Homework! Have a great weekend!

So far, I don't think anyone has had a need for the homework sheets that I had been posting on here. So, to save time and space.... If for some reason you don't have the homework one night and need to get it, just message me and I will get it posted for you.

Snack Calendar

If there are any problems with sending snacks about once a month, please let me know.

We have no peanut or other food allergies in our classroom :)

We currently have 26 students in our class.

Following is the schedule for the first two weeks of November:

Monday, November 3 - Hunter

Tuesday, November 4 - Brooklyn

Wednesday, November 5 - Juan

Thursday, November 6 - Tyson

Friday, November 7 - Mrs. Mitzel (My birthday is on Saturday, the 8th)

Monday, November 10 - Mckynze

Tuesday, November 11 - Austin

Wednesday, November 12 - Maddyson

Thursday, November 13 - Owen

Friday, November 14 - Elijah (Elijah's birthday is on Sunday, the 16th)

  • On your snack day, please send enough snacks for 26 students.
  • If your snack requires additional supplies, such as cups, plates, spoons, straws, napkins, etc., please send those items too (we might not have those supplies in the classroom)
November Breakfast

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November Lunch

Click to view the November Lunch calendar

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