The Green Revolution

By Sheetal Hari

What is the Green Revolution?

The Green Revolution, introduced by Norman Borlog, was an improved way to do agriculture so the third world can eliminated famine and world hunger and also create better living standards.

India and advantages

India, in some areas, have successfully improved living standards through the improved agricultural method, the green revolution. The reason some areas that were not that impressive is because the farmers did not accept the new idea.

Economic results:

The creation of new jobs and growth in infrastructure.

Increased irrigation to keep monsoon water.(there was the natural monsoon and the artificial monsoon)

The water was stored to create hydroelectric power which generated industry.

India had also gotten the opportunity to repay the loans it took from the World Bank.


More factories and hydroelectric stations


India transformed itself into the exporter of food.

The Green Revolution was one factor that led Mrs.Gandhi to be a strong political force in India.

From Starvation to Surplus of food

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