by angelena


Do you think sharks are scary? Most people think of sharks as our enemies. But really sharks are not our enemies. Read on to learn what a shark does, how it acts, and where it lives.


The Great White Shark

A Great White can get up to 20ft and 22 (tons). A Great White is capable of eating a sea lion whole. When a shark eats someone it is probably because it mistakes it for its unusual seal prey. Scientist still can’t figure out when a shark will die or give birth. When a Great White has warm body temp that means the shark has warm muscles and it will act fast. “A shark attack mainly occurs when people surf, swim, or scuba dive and where the Great White swims close to shore”. Shark attacks also occur when people are escaping from sinking ships.

Close Relatives

A shark has many close relatives. Believe it or not some of the shark’s relatives look nothing like the shark. A few of its relatives are a painted ray, starry ray, spotted ray, gautorfish, sawfish, and a sting ray. Like I said these are only a few.

Ancient Sharks

“The first sharks appeared 400 million years ago. About 200 million years before dinosaurs roamed the earth.” At that time there were no reptiles, birds, or mammals. The bull shark, cat shark, and cow shark are still alive today.

Finding A Mate

When a shark wants to mate it involves a lot of swimming. The reason why is because females and males often live in the separate parts of the ocean. When they meet the male chases the female and biting it to encourage it to mate.

Sharks Aren’t What You Think

Some people think sharks are vishes. They are really not. Sharks don’t even like humans. The reason a shark usually eats someone is because whenever people are playing in the ocean they make splashes and waves. That is what attractes sharks. Do you want to know why scientist find arms and legs in the water. It’s because sharks spit them out because they do not like the body. A shark is also attracted to blood.

Sharks are endangered. People catch sharks just to cut off their fins to make fin soup. Then they through the sharks back in the water and they sink to the bottom of the ocean. This is why we have to be nice to our animals. Without them the world would fall apart. There are many ads to save these endangered animals.