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IR Response

The book i am reading is Dead is a Battlefield. Yes this is a good book because it has lots of detail. They describe the characters really good as you actually meet them. Some of the characters are like you are that character. There are many things that the book has that is a real life situation, that might actually happen to you. For example; Jessica is stood up and then the guy she was supposed to go with is with someone else. But the guy she is supposed to go with is under a spell. There are many other reason that this is a good book but these are the main reasons.


The events that happen in order of impotant evets.The impotant events in my book are when Jessic likes a guy name Domincic gray and shemlikes him. Than she finds out that she is an vigo and she fights dead people for a living. Than the dominc asks her to a dance and she gets stood up. Than she sees himnthere with a another girl.That really is it.