Eagle Foundation Spring Celebration

On April 5th, the Eagle Foundation recognized 15 Cumberland Valley District staff members at the 23rd Annual Dinner for their dedication and leadership. During the program, attendees learned about the Foundation's Buddy Program- a mentoring program focused on assisting middle school-aged students in developing decision-making skills by pairing students with positive role models. You can view the same program video (below) shared at the dinner.

Check out the Buddy Program video (highlights from 2018 mentoring program)

Big picture

2019 honorees pictured above

Back L-R: Jim Koontz, Amelia Jackson, JoAnne Smith, Wes Schmidt, Matt Billman, Richard Biggs, Jess Fox, and Gabrielle Hoffman. Front L-R: Darla Romberger, Sandy Oberholtzer, Lauren Rausch, Stephanie Sevcik, Stacy Hart, Dana Slevin, and Melody Cookus.

2019 Commitment to Excellence Recipient

Stephanie Sevcik, Middlesex, Fifth Grade Teacher/Good Hope PTO Volunteer

Cumberland Valley Stars:

Richard Biggs, Silver Spring, Fifth Grade Teacher

Matt Billman, High School, Science Teacher

Melody Cookus, Sporting Hill, First Grade Teacher

Sandy Oberholtzer, Green Ridge, Building Staff

Jess Fox, Shaull, Art Teacher

Stacy Hart, Hampden, Kindergarten Teacher

Gabrielle Hoffman, Good Hope, FCS Teacher

Amelia Jackson, Monroe, Fourth Grade Teacher

Jim Koontz, DO/DSF, Facilities Director

Lauren Rausch, Middlesex, Educational Assistant, Emotional Support

Darla Romberger, High School, Agriculture Teacher

Wes Schmidt, High School, School Resource Officer

Dana Slevin, Winding Creek, Principal's Secretary

JoAnne Smith, Eagle View, Educational Assistant, Emotional Support