Dawn's Origami Owl Launch Party

The secret is out!!!

I've been bursting with this secret and now the day has come where I can share it with you. I am launching my Origami Owl business right NOW, today, this second!

I have been on the Origami Owl designer wait list since September 2012 and now the time has come where I can be your Independent Designer with Origami Owl.

With Origami Owl you can tell your story in a way that only you can with customizable jewelry. You choose the charms that represent important things to you.

I have always wanted to buy a birthstone jewelry but the cost was always too much for my taste and I never really found anything that I loved. A few months ago one of my friends was hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Party and I fell in LOVE with the concept of being able to create my own piece of jewelry.

The awesome thing is that I have been able to add more pieces to my locket since I first purchased it. You can change up the look of your locket at anytime and even make additional lockets to support sports teams or your local high school or college teams.

This my Origami Owl locket that I wear everyday.

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This is my story

The charms represent:
  • Artist Palette - for my love of art and seeing it blossom in Lily and Abby
  • Camera - for my passion of photography
  • Crystal "D" - for my first name
  • Family Heart - my family means everything to me and I hold them close to my heart everyday.
  • Birthstones - September {Lily}, January {Abigail}, November {Wedding Month}
  • Owl - for the journey I am on today and the new business I am starting

The dangles represent:
  • Aqua Crystal - for my birth month of March
  • Petite Bloom in White - this charm reminds me of being a mom
  • Tree of Life - the other side reads "Life is a Gift" and that is so true so I wear it to remind me how precious life is.

Lastly I have a Large Plate "Believe" in Rose Gold and this reminds me to believe in everything I hold dear to my heart, to believe in myself, my passions and my goals. I am reminded to believe in the strength my family provides me and to also believe in them and their dreams.

My locket also contains:
- Chain: 18-20" Silver Rolo Custom Chain
- Locket: Large Sterling Silver Locket with Crystals

Every Locket Tells a Story. What's Yours?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Dawn's Origiami Owl Launch Party

Tuesday, Dec. 18th 2012 at 6pm


The party will be online and run from Dec 11th - 18th.

Here is how the online version of my Launch Party will work.

  • Go to my website and take a look at the really cool lockets and charms at http://dawncullo.origamiowl.com and build your locket. It will be sent directly to you and YOU get to put it together.

  • I can also send you a catalog in the mail, just email me and I will drop one in the mail to you right away.

  • I have a few charms and lockets in my inventory. If you can't decide and you want me to put one together for you and I can photograph it for you.

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*For Holiday shipping, the last day to order for standard delivery is December 13th. After that time if you want your item for the Holiday then you will need to upgrade your shipping option.*

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Connect with me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OrigamiOwlByDawnCullo

Join my V.I.P. list to be notified of monthly specials and updates http://eepurl.com/sOUZz
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