Water Bucket Experiement

Second Attempt

Goal of the Whole Experiement

The whole goal is to find how long it takes for the water to drain out of a 5gallon bucket. We will have to find the speed of the water and the total water/volume.

Overview of Bucket

Volume of Bucket

To find the volume of the bucket I used the formula v=3.14•r^2•h. Then I plugged in what I knew such as the radius(5 1/8 inches) and the height(9 1/2 inches). I got a volume of 783.9009981 inches cubed.

Height that 1 cup of water raises in the bucket

1 cup will raise 1/4 inches in the 5 gallon bucket. I found this out by emptying the bucket then I poured 1 cup of water in the bucket and I measured it.

Amount of Cups taken to Fill up to Line

It will take about 54.30 cups to fill up to the 9 1/2 inches of water. To find this out, I converted the volume of the bucket to cups.

Average Time to Fill up 1 cup

On average, it took 1 cup of water 11.80 seconds to fill up. I did this by timing 4 cups and the top, middle, and bottom to get several different levels of water in the bucket. I added all 22 times up and got 141.56 and then I divided it by 12 since there was 12 different timings. I then got 11.70666667 which I rounded to 11.80 which was my average time for 1 cup to drain.

Process to Finding my Time

To find the amount of time it took for 9 1/2 inches of water to drain I took a couple different steps. First I took the volume(783.9009981 inches cubed) divided by the average 11.80 seconds(average time for 1 cup to drain which) which equaled 66.43228797. Then I took 66.43228797 times 1/4 inches which gave me 17minutes 1second. I multiplied it by 1/4 inches because 1 cup raised the water level 1/4 inches.
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