Witch & Wizard!

By James Patterson

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Witch and Wizard!

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ISBN: 9780446562430

Genre: Science Fiction // Adventure Fiction // Utopian

Awards: None Recieved!


In the Book "Witch & Wizard" by James Patterson the main characters Whit and Wisty fight to survive the struggles of the new nation. There is a hand full of people in this story but the most important ones are "The One" ,Whit and Wisty's parents and Alex who is Whit's girlfriend which is dead. In this roller coaster of emotions Whit and Wisty have to try and deal with "The One" trying to kill them and bringing there parents back to the over world. "The One" who is the main antagonist is the overall ruler of earth and has brain washed all human beings to listen to every word he says. He is now trying to take out all rebellious people and others who have magic in them.