Wildcat Orchestra

Weekly Update #17

Happy Four Day Weekend!

Thanks for another great (but short) week in orchestra! As this is the first week where it has finally gotten extremely cold both in and out of school, many of your students have noticed that their instrument is getting out of tune more often than usual or that their strings loosen when it sits in the case for a prolonged period of time. I highly recommend putting an extra towel or small blanket in your instrument case that it it stays at a consistent temperature and fights back against the cold air! Also try not to put your instrument next to a window in your house or leave it in the car - you won't want to see what happens after a night in the cold!

Next weeks (short) schedule is as follows:

Monday (1/18) - NO SCHOOL! Are you practicing?!

Tuesday (1/19) - 6th grade morning rehearsal, 7th grade lessons

Wednesday (1/20) - 7th grade morning rehearsal

Thursday (1/21) - Wildcat Symphony Morning Rehearsal, 6th grade lessons

Friday (1/22) - 8th grade morning rehearsal, 8th grade lessons*

* ALL 8th graders will have their lesson on Friday as there was no school Monday. All students should choose to either come at 2:00 PM or 2:30 PM.

6th Grade - Time Travel!

For next week, all 6th graders are going to perform our Renaissance piece, "Earl of Oxford March" individually for their lesson group at 75 bpm. If the student performs it with less than one mistake, then they will receive a special artifact for their Encyclopedia!

7th Grade - International Tour!

For next week, all 7th graders are going to perform their Canada Song, "O Canada" individually for their lesson group at 70 bpm. If the student performs it with less than one mistake, they will receive their Passport Stamp to continue on to Mexico!

8th Grade - New Maestros!

As we get more practice conducting, 8th graders are going to have to step away from practicing with a recording and conduct live musicians! Next week, students are going to conduct measure 10 - 20 in "The Big Race" for their lesson group! Here is the link to a recording so you can continue to practice.


Extra Performance Opportunity!!!

Would you like an opportunity to play along with Civic Orchestra members?

On Saturday, February 20th, from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in Thoresen Hall (at the Institute of Chicago) students of all ages and abilities have the opportunity for an informal evening with professional musicians from the Civic Orchestra!

Students will be part of a masterclass and a read-through of Mozart's String Quartet K. 155 (Molto Allegro). If you are interested in this performance opportunity, please let me know and I can get you copies of the music.

If your student does choose to go, I will give them 100 extra credit points!