Kinder Math Planning

September 21, 2016

Schoology ?? Have you joined the groups yet?

EDC - October

  • Sentence Stems:
  • Quality Questions:
  • New Plans, old resources
  • Implement Number Talk?

Blended Learning Implementation

  • DreamBox
  • Greg Tang-Ten Frame games
  • Small Groups, IP, ICreate
  • Rotations-how many? what do they look like?
  • Number Tubs
  • C-P-A

Unit 1 Assessment-September 15th

  • Copies-Workman will approve before they are turned in.
  • Reteach/Retest "Let's Talk"
  • When do you go over the test?- Need immediate feedback and student and teacher tips
  • DMAC/Grading- look at reports-training needed?
  • Scoring should be listed as a positive and not a negative. Score how many they got correct, not how many they got wrong.

Unit 2: Numbers to 10- Test is October 14th - Look at Pacing Calendar

  1. TEK Walk-

Quality Questioning and Sentence Stems for Unit 2

Small Group Binders- Begin September 19th

  • Share forms and discuss binder set up.
  • How many groups per day?
  • Interventions?
  • Lowest group, everyday.
  • What do small groups look like? Sounds like? Number tubs? (Share Ten Frame War) Transitions?

Coming Soon! Math IStation

  • new universal screener
  • only covers number and operations
  • will begin sometime in October, probably the beginning
  • middle of year testing will be for all students that you have concerns for
  • training webinars will be coming soon
  • Is K-4 and can be used for progress monitoring
  • BOY test should only take about 20 minutes
  • Testing may be done in the classroom

Problem Solving

Logic Talk Posters