The Freebie Train

All Aboard To Get Paid!

How Freebie Sites Work

Cost Per Action or also known as Freebie Sites are sites that pay you and I a commission to complete a variety of trial offers for major companies that are offering the latest and greatest products and services. By completing these offers and referring others to do the same we earn free gifts like Money, an Ipad, Laptops, or a variety of other prizes.

These websites are a legitimate and easy way to start generating easy daily,weekly and monthly income from home with little or no out of pocket money.

If done correctly and consistently you can create a Freebie business of your own and earn a steady income.

Freebie Trading is the act of swapping or giving an incentive pay to others for completing your Freebie site. Seen as a form of respect and Paying it Forward in the Freebie world.

Many Offers To Choose From $0 To $10 Average 1 Time Cost

Freebie Trainn- Get Paid Daily To Nothing (Almost)

Easy Superior Freebies- Earn $20 To $95

Superior Freebies has a variety of sites to complete ranging from $20 and up per referral. They pay same day and always on time. You need Paypal To Be Paid

Easy Superior Freebies- Complete 2 Offers= Refer 1 Person = Paid $30

I Will Pay You $15 To "Go Green" (Complete Site)

Just Add Me And Message Me on Facebook. Send The Email You Used And Tell Me You Completed Site

Suggested Offer Currently: Game Fly and Gardening

Complete Site Here

Trainn Sites- Earn Prizes And Cash- $250 To $560

Aah The Joy Of Trainn Sites

These sites better known as Freebie sites offer a variety of prizes to choose from,Ipads,Ipods, Laptops,Flatscreen TV's, Cash. You can earn $250 and up per site. There are over 20 sites to be paid on.

They pay on Wed and Saturdays like clock work. You must have Paypal as fast pay option.

Trainn+Complete 1 Offer=Refer People=$250 Or More

Suggested Offer Page 6- Survey Scout- Hulu Plus Free 7 Day No Card Required

Must Have Paypal To Complete Survey Scout

Watch Video Below Then Click Here To Join And Complete Survey Scout!

Spend $0 Earn $300-Survey Scout- Simple

Rules Of Freebie Game

  1. No Prepaid Cards- If you choose offer that requires card only use a real debit or credit card. Secure servers and all major company sites
  2. Only 1 account per household or I.P. address. So no 2 people in same house can swap or refer to same site
  3. No using public I.P. address like McDonalds or Starbucks to join Freebies
  4. Clear Cookies and Use Mozilla
  5. Have Fun Earn Daily and Weekly!

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