Zoo Jersey

South America

Zoo Jersey

The whole aim and point of this island is...

The reason we have used this island as a eco- tourism island is because we would like to sustain the earth and the rich soil and rivers on the islands and hopefully our success will be recognised and other locations will catch on with the idea.

Zoo Jersey Is home to some of the worlds most beautiful and unique flora and fauna.

This large eco-Island is like Paradise on earth, we have eco-friendly transportation (Paragraph 3) Beautiful streams and rivers ( Paragraph 5), magnificent wildlife (paragraph 4) and Organic farming( Paragraph 2).

Paragraph 1 : Introduction

Zoo Jersey is a 100% organic island, owned by Jokapin Jersey (Founders son), He has employed over 500,000 people including Citizens, Islands Native people, Refugees and tourists that come for volunteering work. Over 250,000 employees are designated to help sustaining the natural wildlife, the beautiful streams and rivers, the nature and the tourism attractions, Some of the tourism attractions of the island are native tribes scripting in their ancient caves and ancient ruins that is important evidence of the Zunizans (Native Tribes people). 150,000 employees help working on the large organic farms to help feed all the people staying here including the refugees, there are approximately 50,000 organic farms owned by the island and around 25,000 independent organic farms owned by citizens.Please read more about this great island and hopefully it will convince you to visit.

Paragraph 2 : Organic Farming

In Zoo Jersey we do as much as possible to sustain this island while keeping our animals, tourists and locals happy and healthy. The first thing we done to fufill this task was to start organic farms all over the island. In the picture below is one of zoo jerseys organic farms Certified by "Organic farming worldwide"
Zoo Jerseys Organic farms, Certified by "Organic farming worldwide"
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Paragraph 3: Eco- Friendly transport.

The atmosphere is very important and it is important that we sustain it and to do our part we only accept eco-friendly transport on the island, this includes bikes, electric cars, walking, jogging, canoeing and a travelator (horizontal escalator). There is only one car on the whole island and that is for emergencies.
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Paragraph 4: Wild Life

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All of these animals are being protected and looked after by 2574 of our employees, but we our keeping them in their undisturbed natural habitat. Class-A survalince are watching them 24/7 for research and protection, if any harm done to animals by tourist's or locals, they will have to pay the consequences.

Centaur Archer.

Centaur Archer is believed to live on this island, there have been sightings by tourists and locals but no convincing evidence it is like the "Loch Ness Monster" or "Big Foot".

The Centaur Archer has became the landmark of Zoo Jersey, the picture on the left is a painting by the founder of this island "Fokapin Jersey" who decided to settle after he saw this creature and because of it's rich soil for organic farming, unique fauna and flora.He died of old age while trying to see it for the second time.

If seen contact us with the following details.

Paragraph 5: Water

We have many beautiful streams, rivers and beaches that all available for anyone to come and enjoy,there are security cameras and officers 24/7 to help sustain it's beauty. You can go canoeing swimming, surfing, fishing etc. The only stream that is not available to anyone is the Zunizan River tis river runs all through the island but is fenced off and there is a bridge going over but you can not enter the water because the fence is to high to climb this is because it is a huge part of the cultural history of this islands that must be kept sacred this water also goes to the taps in houses for drinking, bathing and so on.
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