Turkey Time

All silt stolen!? Secular woman goes to church the first time. Silt ire growing really fast? Free clothes to the homeless. Free clothes to many people. Buy one get two free at the mall.


Big earthquake hits Turkey. Turkey is known of having a lot of earthquakes. When Turkeys has them they are bigger than big. Took down many of houses, properties, and buildings. The most they happen are in the north-west. The worst earthquake was in 1999 on August 17th.


Turkey is at the North-east end of the Mediterranean Sea. To the north of Turkey you will find the Black Sea. The countries next to Turkey are Greece, Rusia, and Romania. Turkey is about the size of Texas. The middle of the country is not filled with trees, it is full of mountains.
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Life Style

Families are divided into several groups. Nuclear family has husband, wife, and children. Step family is when a single parents remarries. The father is the protecter of the family. The mother has equal rights if she is single or if she just wants to.
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When secular woman goes to church everything changes for her. So when she got to the church, everyone was staring at her because they all knew that she did not believe in God. Then after mass she decided to be Catholic.
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There are many of holidays in Turkey, most of them are the same as the U.S. Instead of The 4th of July, they have Ramadan Feast eve. On August 30th is victory day. On October 29th I republic day. They still have the same New Years and New Year's Eve as we do.
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