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May 6, 2016

Important Dates


10th - Science PARCC Test

11th & 12th - Martin Art Show & Book Fair

12th - Book Swap

20th - D.A.R.E. Graduation @ 9:30

26th - Book Swap

30th - No School (Memorial Day)

3rd - Last Day of School

3rd - Report Cards Sent Home

Midway Village - Stories by Alisha

Our class traveled to house built in the 1840's in Rockford by a carpenter from Rhode Island. A very nice lady told us how slaves escaped from their masters. One of the stories was about a young women named Eliza . Eliza was a slave, but her skin was so pale that she could pass as white. She was in love with a black man. She and her husband wanted to elope from slavery and go to a free state. Eliza thought she could dress as a man and pass and pass through the train system by calling her husband a slave, and she arrived to the free state!

Many slaves escaped through mail. Which was not an easy task. These slaves had to be kept in small boxes with a very small amount of food and sometimes no food at all! Traveling from a slave state to a free state was a very long journey. Sometimes up to 30 hours in a box of a very bumpy ride! As you can see our class learned a lot from this very nice lady. Thanks for reading.

Cannon by Luke

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Games by Jake

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Blacksmith - by Danny

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Drumming - by Lillia

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Summer ICE Program

A Solar System Spectacular

Inspiring, Challenging, and Empowering

families through summer learning!

What is Summer I.C.E.?

Summer I.C.E. is a combination of parent/child education classes, online learning opportunities, and student only sessions through theme-based fun and exciting activities. Once you register for the summer ICE session, you and your child are automatically registered for all sessions during the AM or PM strand.

Click HERE for a letter all about this exciting summer program!


Please join us at the Book Fair May 9th - 13th in the Husky Hub! We will also be open during the Art show until 7:30 (May 11th and May 12th)!

Online Book Fair Link The Online Book Fair will run April 23rd - May 13th! Books will be delivered to Martin.

Trimester Three – The Archie's Golden Ticket Count

Earned this week: 1

Total for Trimester One: 20

Trimester Goal: 30