The Rangerette Way

My Thoughts

Upholding the Reputation

I plan to uphold the Rangerette organization's online reputation by being very detail oriented and smart about what I post. I have a great sense of what is appropriate, in regards to both content and timeliness. I would not hesitate to ask questions on information or content if I was ever uncertain. I am aware of the ideal image the many Rangerette social media accounts is responsible for, I would give my 110% to keeping the reputation pride and all- American if selected. Social media is an excellent source of exposure and should be given the upmost attention.

"Be prompt"

Being prompt by portraying the Rangerette "world" in the most appropriately exciting way is an imperative part of the Social Media Manager, in my opinion. If handled with care and correctly, through timeliness, eloquent speaking, and exclusive pictures, social media can do so much for the organization.