SLP Superintendent's Newsletter

Week of February 17, 2020


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Thursday, Feb. 20th, 7:45-11:45am

1013 E Creswell Lane

Opelousas, LA

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District 2019 - 2020 Theme: Become What You Believe!


The mission of the St. Landry Parish School Board is to ensure high-quality instruction while working collaboratively with families and communities to maximize every student's potential.


The St. Landry Parish School Board will promote excellence in education for all citizens.
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Reminder: 2019-2020 Graduate Diploma Orders (HIGH SCHOOL PATHWAYS)

Please share with counselors and data coordinators.

Please use the Diploma Order form to submit an order for the 2019-2020 graduates. All diploma requests must be submitted through the Diploma Order form by March 6. Only one form should be completed for each school system. The Department will cover the costs for the initial order and distribution.

Reminder: Teacher Leader Summit 2020 Registration

New: Teacher Leader Summit 2020 Registration

The 2020 Teacher Leader Summit will take place May 27–29 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. The Department has published an overview document to address the most frequently asked questions. Early Bird Registration opens on January 10 for the Summit with the two phases below to follow:

● Regular registration (March 2 through May 11)

● On-site registration for those who do not register by May 11

To help offset the cost of running a high-quality, multi-day event for thousands of Louisiana educators, the Department will charge a small registration fee for the 2020 Teacher Leader Summit. This fee will cover:

● admission to conference,

● conference sessions, and

● lunch May 27 and May 28.


1-Day Ticket

Early Bird Registration

(January 10–March 1)


3-Day Ticket


Regular Registration

(March 2–May 11)


3-Day Ticket


On-site Registration

(May 27–29)


3-Day Ticket


Educators can receive a discount by registering early and registering for all three days at once. Educators can choose to not eat the lunch provided, but may not opt-out of the registration fee.

New for 2020 - Group Registration: School system supervisors may now purchase tickets for up to 10 of their educators in one transaction. School system supervisors who elect this option should be prepared to answer questions specific to each registrant (e.g. email address, content area) at the time of purchase. The supervisor will receive a receipt showing 10 ticket purchases, and each individual registrant will receive an email confirmation with their ticket information.

Reminder: 2020 Teacher Leader Summit T-Shirt Design Contest

Please share with teacher leaders.

The Department is seeking inspiration for 2020 Teacher Leader Summit t-shirt design! Educators with an artistic flair are encouraged to submit their design for consideration by February 7 to The winning school will receive $1 per shirt sold. Last year’s school, Montegut Middle, was awarded $968 from The Inkwell Press.

The winning design will be announced in the March edition of the Teacher Leader newsletter. Reference the contest rules for details or contact with questions.



1. In preparation for the upcoming Mardi Gras holidays, please make sure all facilities are properly secured before leaving on Friday, February 21st. Conserve energy as much as possible during the shutdown.

2. Lawn care products may be picked up beginning March 2nd from the Maintenance Department.

3. AHERA inspections are scheduled to begin within the next couple of weeks. Asbestos management plan book must be available upon inspection.



1. Although Tom was able to re-upload your Title I Folders, I have noticed that there are numerous folders that are missing. Therefore, the Computer Center may try to re-upload again to see if all folders can be restored. Consequently, please delay uploading any of your folders until I send confirmation to you that it is ok to begin uploading your documents. Obviously, I do not want you to have to go in again and upload documents that you had uploaded prior to the cyber attack if it can be avoided. Please be reminded to always maintain hard copies of your Title I documents. As a recipient of Title I Funds, you are responsible for maintaining all required documentation for 5 years. Please utilize the 2019-2020 Title I Compliance Checklist that is located in the Title I Handbook (pages 12-13) to ensure that you have all required documentation.

2. The deadline for expending Title I funds (Supplies and Equipment) has been extended until Friday, March 13, 2020. After March 13, requisitions for supplies and equipment will no longer be accepted. If any principal does not have a hard copy of their current budget, you may contact my office to determine your current balance.

3. If principals are planning to utilize some of their remaining Title I funds for tutoring prior to LEAP 2025 assessments, please make certain that your budget reflects the tutoring. Also, please notify my office to acquire stipend forms. Attendance forms must accompany the stipend forms by the 5th of the month that follows the tutoring.

4. Recipients of Title I Direct Student Services After-School Tutoring are asked to e-mail Mr. Champagne the days and times that tutoring is occurring at your school by Thursday, February 27, 2020. Please include the room numbers for each tutor. District personnel will be visiting classes in the near future to conduct monitoring of DSS guidelines.

5. Several schools have not utilized their Title IV STEM allocations. Please note that the deadline for submitting requisitions has been extended until Friday, March 13, 2020.

6. Several schools have not utilized their Title IV Safety allocations. If you are planning to utilize your school's safety allocation on cameras, please note that the procedures for acquiring quotes have changed. These updated procedures will be shared by Mr. Champagne at the upcoming Administrators Meeting. As a result of these changes, schools will be given an extension to expend their Title IV Safety allocations. The deadline will be extended to Friday, March 27th.

7. Please be reminded to submit names of any parents that you would recommend as interpreters for the district to contract with when schools are in need of an interpreter for SBLC Meetings, 504 Meetings, Discipline Hearings, etc. Please send a contact number with the names. I will do the rest!

8. Please be reminded that our English Learners that scored (Proficiency Not Demonstrated" or "Emerging" were provided with an Imagine Learning license. This is an excellent literacy program. Please promote the usage of this program by your students.



Early Childhood Reminders:

· LA 4 Classes

o Please be reminded that the LA-4 classes should be filled to capacity (20 children). Funding this year is sent to parishes on a quarterly basis and is contingent upon the number of children in the classes as well as their attendance each month.

o The State Department is monitoring this very closely and will amend allocations based on these two factors. Should attendance drop below 74%, reimbursement will be reduced for those reporting periods. Please encourage the teachers to follow up on all absences and to obtain doctor0/parent excuses for excused absences. It is crucial that we keep the classes filled and the attendance at maximum so that we may receive our appropriated funds. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

· CLASS Observations

o CLASS observations for the spring semester began Monday, February 3, 2020 and will end Friday, May 8, 2020.

o Please be reminded that Picard Center observations are also underway. Prior to the beginning of each month principals will receive notification in the mail from the Picard Center indicating that a CLASS observation will be conducted in one or more of their pre-k classrooms. Principals are responsible for communicating to the Picard Center any conflicting dates such as picture day, field trips, etc.

· 2020-21 Pre-K Registration

o The first round of Pre-K registration has begun and will end at the end of the business day February 21, 2020.

o Pre-K students do not have school on Thursday, February 27 and Friday, February 28, 2020. The Pre-k teachers and paraprofessionals will use these two days to gather and copy the registration information as well as screen the children for possible placement.

o Pre-K teachers who do not have enough registrants to fill these two days with and registration and screening are required to complete their second round of Home Visits.

· Teaching Strategies Gold

o 2nd Checkpoint data is due online by Friday, February 21, 2020.


NEW - Student and Teacher of the Year Banquets

Student of the Year Portfolios will be distributed on February 20th before and after the Administrator's meeting. Thank you sincerely for supporting the Students of the Year process.

St. Landry Parish Awards and Recognition Banquets - Students, Teachers, and Principals

a. Banquet tickets - No tickets will be sold for the event. An RSVP list will be utilized to ensure that our guest list is concise. Please submit the names to Mrs. Barbara Roberson via email.
b. Students of the Year Banquet Attendees - Only 4 per school. Attendees should include the honoree, 2 honoree guests, and one school level representatives
c. Teachers and Principals of the Year Banquet - Only 1 guest per honoree. Teachers - Attendees should include the honoree and 1 guest. In addition, a school level representative is invited.

Principals of the Year honorees are allowed one guest per honoree.
d. Financial Donation - a $50.00 donation is requested of each site in order to defray the costs of the event. Make checks payable to St. Landry Parish School Board and specify "Banquets" on the memo line. Mail to the attention of Jennifer Semien.
Thanks to all who have already sent in donations.
e. Students of the Year banquet - April 8, 2020
f. Teachers and Principals of the Year Banquet - May 6, 2020
*** Both events will begin at 6:00 at the Opelousas Civic Center

Again, feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas that you may have as the goal of the committee is to make this a memorable experience for our St. Landry Parish honorees.



1. Our district's routing software is functional once again. Your routing person can enter routing requests in the Request Management Tool like they were doing prior to the Cyberattack.

2. Keep in mind that bus drivers should be held to the same standards as any other staff on your campus. This applies to staff expectations and corrective discipline policies/ procedures.

3. We conduct quarterly random drug and or alcohol screenings for bus drivers. You may be contacted in order to notify a driver assigned to your campus that they must report for screening. Screenings are held at the central office immediately after morning bus routes.

4. Have a great Spring Semester!



Please be reminded that the LEAP 360 math interim 2 will not be administered this spring (for any grade levels). Similarly, Geometry Interim 1 will not be completed for those who had started nor will it be started for those who had not yet begun when the cyberattack occurred. The interim items should be used by teachers for instructional and assessment purposes to enrich and inform instruction. Please contact Jonel Leger, Supervisor of Math & Science if there are any questions regarding math interims.

The biology PD that was scheduled for January is canceled. If your teachers would like to discuss standards, achievement level descriptors, or the assessment guide, please have the department head or lead teacher contact Jonel Leger, Supervisor of Math and Science, to schedule a day and time to discuss.

Ready Louisiana Mathematics was selected by the middle school math curriculum team as the Tier 1 mathematics curriculum for grades 5 - 8. Initial training will take place in May with full implementation beginning August 2020. We are excited about the program and the benefits our middle school students will gain from this top-rated program. You can find more information about Ready Math at There will also be a Ready Math session for school leaders this Spring so that you will be aware of the program and how to best support and lead implementation on your campus.



1. STAFFING – it is now time to begin formulating plans for next school session. Projected enrollment will be due prior to scheduled staffing meetings. Be reminded that when we meet for staffing, you should be prepared to communicate who will/will not be returning. Note: sufficient documentation is necessary to dismiss an employee, or that person will be with you again next year. Information relative to staffing is forthcoming.

2. Please be certain you have a copy of a current teaching license/certificate for each professional staff member assigned to your school/site. Also, please remind certificated employees to update teaching certificates/licenses as necessary and to submit a copy of such to personnel.

3. COMPASS INFORMATION SYSTEM (CIS) – Reminder: CIS is not accessible throughout the month of February. Also, PGPs, SLTs, and observation data are to be entered into CIS. (Observation data is to be entered on CIS by April 15, 2020.) If you are in need of assistance with CIS, please contact Ms. Malbrough or me.

4. Please remember - in the event an observation is scored ineffective, notify me immediately so that we can begin intensive assistance.

5. Please direct employees to utilize the Separation of Employment Employee Resignation form for any and all resignations. This document is to be accessed via the district’s website.

6. EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE/ABSENCES – please be timely and accurate in reporting to payroll. This is especially important as we near the end of the school session/fiscal year.

7. ITINERANT TEACHERS – please remember to monitor sign-in sheets.

8. Timesheets are mandatory for all support personnel. It is the responsibility of the employee to keep accurate timesheets and the responsibility of the principal or immediate supervisor to maintain these records. Please note: support employees are not allowed to work over 40 hours a week (without permission).

9. Prior to allowing someone to substitute, require that the individual present to you her/his substitute card. In the event the individual does not have her/his substitute card, contact my office to verify the individual’s employment status.


Please inform your staff that our computer programs are still down and we are unable to access meal accounts. All adult meals will have to be paid daily with the correct amount. The cafeteria cannot give change.

Please provide a checklist with student names who are eating in the cafeteria daily. This is extremely important for our meal counts. Check with the cafeteria manager to see what works best. Thanks for your cooperation.

National School Breakfast Week is March 2-6, 2020. The theme is: "School Breakfast: Out of this World."

Contact the Child Nutrition Program if you have any questions.



CIS will be closed for the month of February

Please conduct all observations and meet with teachers for post observations, keep hard copies for input once CIS is up and running

Safe School is not accessible at this time. Thank you



All purchase orders should be expended no later than April 9th.

REMINDER: Perkins Core Indicator Reports are available for the 2018-2019 school year

Please share with and counselors.

2018-2019 Perkins Core Indicators reports are now available in the C.A.T.E. portal. These reports can be found under the Reports tab by selecting published reports.


In an effort to expedite to student accident claims please make sure the attached form is filled out and sent in with the student accident form IF you believe the accident will warrant an investigation or it required medical attention.

Parents/guardians would only get a copy of the regular student accident report—the attached supplement is for our adjuster only.



1: IEPs are due to the Parish 30 Days before State Due Date
2: Principals please conduct daily walkthroughs in Special Education Classrooms
3: Special Education Teachers should be verifying appropriate accommodations on IEPS as well as testing assessments being addressed ( online / paper-based/ LEAP 2025 etc.)
4: Discipline referrals must follow protocol- Tonia Eaglin must be emailed for SPED and 504 students
5: When students withdraw if they are not turning in proper homeschool documentation do not exit them as homeschool.
6: Special Education teachers should be in classrooms with their students at all times.

****Any students transferring into the district a Child ID Form must be completed and emailed to Alicia Higginbotham in order to request jurisdiction from other parishes or states to provide SPED Services to students.


Tonia Eaglin


As we move forward from the cyber attack and prepare for testing, please be reminded of the following. Many of these documents were due prior to the Christmas Holidays. Many deadlines have already passed. Your help in making sure that these requirements are fulfilled are greatly appreciated.

  • 504 School Chairperson must review and verify accommodations in SIS/JCampus & Individual Accommodation Plans (IAPs). During this review, make sure that BOTH Online and Paper accommodations are listed on the IAP and SIS/JCampus.

  • If a student is to receive Extended Time for Testing, Part H (09) should be indicated on the IAP and SIS/JCampus.

  • Any other testing accommodation is checked correctly in SIS/JCampus and matches the IAP. Discrepancies will need an amendment.

  • Submit the Data Verification Form to Tonia Eaglin

Please keep in mind the following as you check the validity of accommodation information in JCampus/SIS, e-Direct, and IAPs:

  • CBT: If the accommodations on the plan(s)(IAP) DO NOT match what is evidenced on SIS/SER and eDirect, tests are voided and the school gets the applicable zeros for accountability for each content area.

  • PBT: If the accommodations on the plan(s) (IAP) DO NOT match what is evidenced on SIS/SER and each test booklet for the applicable content areas, tests are voided and the school gets the applicable zeros for accountability for each content area.

  • Any accommodation listed on IAP MUST be provided in the classroom and on ANY graded assignments.

  • Documentation of Accommodations provided MUST be handwritten, stamped, or attached (sheet or label) on any graded assignment.

  • IEPs should not have both small group and individual testing checked

  • A decision must be made as to whether the student needs individual testing or small group testing.

Discipline of Students with Disabilities (SPED and 504)

If a student’s behavior interferes with the student’s learning or that of others, the IEP or 504 Team MUST consider the use of positive behavioral supports and interventions, and other strategies, to address that behavior

34 C.F.R. §300.324 (a) (2) (ii)

Please remember to adhere to the following:

When a student with a disability violates the code of student conduct where the disciplinary consequences being considered involves a day of removal from the current educational setting.

1. Input in JCampus

2. Send e-mail to Tonia Eaglin (SPED and 504)

3. After 2 suspensions, meet in SBLC, move student to Tier 2; Implement Intervention, collect data, analyze data; determine if series of removals are representative of a pattern of behaviors.

(SPED and 504)

When long term suspension (10-30 days) is being considered,

1. Contact Tonia Eaglin (SPED and 504)

2. Contact Pupil Appraisal Liaison (special education only)

3. Provide Prior Written Notice (PWN) of the proposed change in placement the day of the incident: indicate “consider disciplinary action”

Provide Copy of Rights Booklet or Form

4. Send in Form A or B with suspension/expulsion recommendation

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Attached is a snapshot of the finance form my department will fill out for principal evaluations. We will begin incorporating this finance portion for the second semester.

Please let me know in advance when you will need this. I’ll have my staff evaluate the items listed based on current data and I’ll send you this completed form to be added to your evaluation documentation for the principals. So you won’t have to fill out or review any finance items, we will do so.

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You should be reviewing and approving the following bookkeeping reports monthly. And your bookkeepers should be submitting these to Angie Marks monthly by the 15th.

  • General Ledger Activity Report for the month
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Outstanding Check Listing
  • Copy of Entire Bank Statement (including copies of checks and deposits)


  1. 1095Cs will be available on Employee Portal 3/2/20. An email will be sent out for these also.
  2. Please make sure your bookkeepers/secretaries are current on entering accounting data in EPES. They should be finalizing December transactions now and presenting you with the monthly bookkeeping reports. Once we have received all reports we will begin processing vendor 1099s which are also due 1/31/20.



Please download the form below and turn in your nomination packet by March 13, 2020. You can do this by clicking the button below or by clicking on the link in the nomination form and placing it in your school's folder.


Please make sure your teacher of the year for your school knows that pictures are being taken this week at the school board office. I sent them an email but since the email system is on the blink, I want to make sure they are aware that this is going on.

Principals' E-Binder

Remember to check the Principals' E-binder for forms you may need throughout the year.

Login Credentials:

Username: slpsb

Password: principals

*Send me an email if there is something specific that you would like included in the e-binder.




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Submitting Content for Administrative Reminders

To submit content, email Tricia Fontenot at the email address below.