TVUSD Staff Update

Friday, October 16, 2020

This communication is intended for TVUSD staff and not intended for public posting or distribution.

A Message from Superintendent McClay

TVUSD employees,

First of all, THANK YOU for your continued, tireless efforts to support our students, staff, and families! These are undoubtedly some of the most trying times in the history of public education, and your selfless work to ensure the best programs possible are so appreciated and admired!

Many students have returned to our in-person "hubs," such as English Learners, special education students, at-risk learners, and chronically absent students. Additional "hubs" continue to open each week, welcoming more-and-more staff and students back to in-person learning. The joy and smiles on student and staff faces when they return to campuses, even while wearing masks and staying within their small cohorts of peers, are priceless!

As you know, the majority of our staff and students are still learning online, and while things are going well, they are not perfect. As with nearly all industries, we continue to face obstacles and challenges. Please know that we all recognize the need to get our students back onto their campuses and into their classrooms. However, we must ensure the health and safety needs of all stakeholders. As we have shared, our target re-opening dates are November 30th for elementary and January 5th for secondary. Elementary parents are busy now returning surveys indicating their preferences; secondary parents will make their selections next week. We will then begin the staffing and master schedule processes.

As you continue working so hard to ensure student well-being and academic progress, please be reminded of the need to provide GRACE. We cannot have the same expectations for ourselves or of students during these times; there simply aren't enough hours in the day. I implore you to ensure that students are not penalized for a worldwide pandemic. That includes their grades. If more students are struggling in your class(es) than is typical at this time of the year, please make adjustments. The stakes are high for many of our students, particularly those in high school, and they should not be suffering irreparable consequences. We strongly encourage you to focus only on the essentials. Ensure that your students (as well as you) have time to spend with families, read a book for pleasure, take a walk, etc. Remember that students have multiple teachers and subjects, as well as family and personal obligations, stressors, and needs. Be sensitive to their socio-emotional needs and provide them the GRACE and LOVE that we in TVUSD pride ourselves on. And, equally as important, please take care of yourself.



Just A Few Quick Items to Share

We know you are already inundated with emails and communication from a variety of sources and we shudder at adding one more communication to your very full plate! However, the information below will hopefully assist with some of your own employee planning and information.

As always, we continue to send you the updates being sent to our families to keep you up to date on what they are receiving. Many of the processes currently underway require family/student input and decisions before we can move forward with staffing and communication. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding!

TVUSD's Reopening Plan

As we are sure you have read, TVUSD is moving forward with the following anticipated dates to return to on-campus instruction within the timeframes we have established. The dates remain contingent upon any changes in the red/purple tier status at the county level. As of Tuesday, October 13, 2020, Riverside County remains in the red tier. The state releases data every Tuesday so the next county status update will be released on Tuesday, October 20. We will discuss any changes and impacts at the Board meeting that evening.

The dates below coordinate with the modified grading period and semester break.

Elementary Schools - Returns After Thanksgiving Break - November 30, 2020

Secondary Schools - Returns at the Semester - January 5, 2021

We encourage you to read through the Reopening Plan to familiarize yourself with planned protocols and information. Click HERE to access it.

Additionally, for details about the timelines associated with student/family model commitment forms and FAQs, please see TVUSD's latest communication sent to families on Wednesday, October 14. Click HERE to access it.

News from Human Resources Department (HRD) - Employee Timelines for Reopening

As November approaches, we understand that many of you have questions related to your second-semester assignment.

Certificated Staff:


Please know that our HRD team, including site principals, will work to analyze elementary program enrollment requests during the week of October 19, 2020. Once this occurs we will be able to finalize staffing needs. For this reason, we plan on sharing additional information regarding elementary assignments no later than the week of November 2, 2020.


We are also in the process of finalizing the secondary instructional model and schedule options. We hope to provide secondary staff with an update regarding second-semester assignments by Tuesday, December 1, 2020.

Classified Staff:

We will be asking for most of our classified staff to return to their sites/departments full time. Dates for return are still being determined, but we are anticipating that some employees will need to return as early as November 2, 2020, to prepare for the reopening of the sites. Site/Department administrators will reach out to classified employees with direction once final decisions have been made.

Work-Related Medical Restrictions:

Questions and/or concerns related to work-related medical restrictions should be directed to Cynthia Root at

Reporting Employee COVID-19 Possible Exposure, Illness or Concerns

Employees should immediately report any concerns of illness to their immediate supervisor.
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For details and protocols, please see Page 15 of the Reopening Plan

Click Here for a Listing of Local Testing Sites and Sources

Update on Workplace COVID-19 Safety Preparations

We continue to adjust and develop safety plans for the return to on-campus learning.

  • Cleaning products and procedures have been developed as well as PPE (personal protective equipment) ordered for both staff and students to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Face coverings and face shields have been distributed to school sites and district departments for staff.
  • Plexiglass barriers have been put in place between staff and public areas.
  • Additional plexiglass has been ordered for classroom personnel and is available when requested.
  • Plans include preparing for the physical separation of staff and students by the 6-foot recommended distance.
  • In addition, hand sanitizing units have been placed throughout the school, and cleaning products have been made available to clean frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.
  • The maintenance department has changed air filters and serviced the HVAC units for optimization of operation.

We continue to evaluate all possible options to keep our schools and departments clean and safe for our employees and students.

Child Care Hubs for TVUSD Employees

It is our intent to put as much daycare in place as is possible for TVUSD staff. We will look at the plan in phases. Due to the timing of the rollout, currently, we are focusing on the return of our staff at the elementary schools.

Within the next week, we will be distributing a childcare interest survey to the staff at our elementary campuses. Only elementary employees who intend to have their own children (attending a TVUSD school) return to on-campus learning should participate in this survey cycle. Based on the data we receive from the survey, we will determine where child care hubs will need to be opened and how many slots will be needed.

These will not be BASES programs but rather a place for your child to go before or after they are in class, and once the instructional day is done, the program will be closed. We have not yet settled on the fee to be charged or any other details, but we hope that this helps you with your preliminary planning.

On-Campus Learning and Support Hubs Continued Implementation

While the majority of our students and staff remain online, we have continued to work to provide support HUBS and Special Education Learning Centers on a variety of our campuses to serve our most at-risk students. Currently, we have English Learner HUBS at TVHS and CHES and Special Education Learning Centers at ARES, AES, CHES, BES, NVES, PES, TES, and TTES. We are expanding our Special Education Learning Centers every week. The details and planning for both the support HUBS and Special Education Learning Centers are extensive. Kudos to all of the staff involved in supporting and making these a reality!

We were excited to see the opening of the first “Learning Loss” HUB at RVHS this week. Mr. Dignan, his administrative team, and staff paved the way to this opening by starting the year off with “Porch Visits” to check on seniors to determine their needs to fully participate in TVUSD Online Learning. These visits allowed his team to connect with students and families while also gauging interest in the idea of coming back to the campus for a set period of time to connect with teachers and support staff. This first HUB is composed of all senior students who are most “at-risk” of not graduating at the end of this year. SAEC is planning on opening two additional HUBS in the next two weeks for other students who are not fully participating in TVUSD’s Online Learning Platform and would benefit from additional intervention supports.

In addition to the RVHS HUB, we continue to focus on bringing back “at-risk” students in danger of “learning loss”. At this time we have identified LES as our first Foster Youth Hub to bring those students back to campus along with other “At-Risk” peers so that they will have the opportunity to receive additional help with their online studies. As we continue district wellness checks and gather attendance and academic performance data, we will move forward with additional measures to bring students back in HUBs to provide much needed targeted interventions and supports to help these students with their current needs.

Upcoming support HUB locations will include Abby Reinke Elementary School, Ysabel Barnett Elementary School, Great Oak High School, Chaparral High School, Susan LaVorgna Elementary School, and Temecula Valley High School.

TVUSD Board of Education Meeting

The next TVUSD Board of Education meeting is Tuesday, October 20, 2020. The meeting is streamed live via the District's Youtube channel. The agenda, meeting times, and Youtube links are posted on the webpage 72 hours prior to the regular meeting. Stay up to date and receive first-hand information about TVUSD from the comfort of your own home. A recurring agenda item is an update on TVUSD's reopening plan.

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