made by carson and abbey . 2nd period science.

deforestation: problems

Deforestation kills/destroys alot of wildlifes habitats. The two main issues of deforestation are logging and forest fires. Logging is the main one because over 60 million people use wildlife and the outdoors for survival. A forest fire can be caused by people or, it can be natural, that kills a big chunk of unnecessary.

the picture above is a picture of loggers that have cleared out the area

Above is a picture of a natural forest fire causing a natural deforestation problem.

What is Deforestation?

Negative effects.

Deforestation causes there to be less trees, which makes the land unstable and dry. It also effects local animals and their habitats.

Main regions.

Caneda, and Brazil are the main regions nearest to North America.

What wildlife is most effected by deforestation?

Most of the animals that are effected by deforestation are the ones who live in the forest. It destroys their homes and natural habitats.

Would it ever effect League city?

It is very unlikely from our point of view because there are very few spots with just random forests. But in those areas of random forests and things like that, it is likely deforesatation will take over that region/area.

Are people affeted by this?

There is less oxygen and CO2 taken in from the atmoshere.

Who/what causes this issue?

Mainly people because people are always cutting down trees to make new land for a house or maybe its their job. Urban areas cut down trees to make transportation or new buildings. Forest fires are all natural.


Cut down on how much wood and paper we use and plant more trees!

Group Solutions:

Make a land mark for regions of forests that you can not access.

GIve every school a certain amount of paper for each year.

Make a law that says once you cut down a tree, you HAVE to plant another one right after.