The Ups and Downs of Islam

Austin Meredith and Murphey Kilgore

Islamic Terrorism in the Middle East

Isis, Iraq, and Syria

Isis, everyone knows the name. It stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. They are an organized group of terrorists who justify their actions with teachings of the Islamic faith. Specifically those found in the Quran. And they are correct, but perhaps a slight bit too literal with the book's teachings. The Quran tells of the ancient Mujaheddin Muslims who were so poor that their only option was to go around stealing from others. Based upon this, and further into the book, there is writing like: "Fighting is prescribed for you"..."ye love a thing which is bad... Allah knoweth, and ye know not." This brings to the conclusion that the Isis terrorists are actually justified by their teachings. There are however many Muslims that do not take this so literally. Many Muslims do not act so drastically. This in turn means that the terrorist Muslims, are actually the ones who are following their scripture. Justifying the terrorism.

Islamic Terrorism in Another Country

Terrorism in Kenya

Most of the terrorism in Kenya occurred from 2011. Starting on October 24, 2011, the attacks started when there was a grenade thrown into a bar in Nairobi, killing one person, and injuring twenty. In May of 2012, a small shopping complex in Nairobi's Moi Avenue was blown up, wounding thirty. In July of 2012, masked gunmen stormed two churches in Garissa, killing seventeen people. In September 21, 2013, Nairobi's Westgate mall was attacked by terrorists, letting all Muslims escape unharmed. The gunmen held the mall for a day, then was pushed out. A total of fifty nine people were conformed dead, including four Americans, and one hundred and seventy five were left injured. In late 2014, a quarry was attacked in Kormey killing thirty six workers. A month earlier, terrorists attacked a bus containing sixty people, killing twenty eight.

Benefits of Islam

Contributions of Islam to the World

Muslims have created most of Algebra and Geometry. They created trigonometry, plain and spherical geometry. They also created most of the roots to Chemistry and more modern sciences. They also created the Camera Obscura, which helped lead to the invention of the camera. They also stated that the world was round in the 9th century, before European countries. They also made the highest quality paper in the 8th century. They also lead in most industry, and most of their industry was in Spain.

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