TCS Technology Tidbits

October 2017

Technology News

The Newsletter

In an effort to keep you informed about district technology news, introduce new technology applications, and keep you abreast of PD opportunities, I have created a monthly newsletter. Please take some time to peruse the information provided each month. I hope that you will find it useful.

Each newsletter will consist of five sections:

1. Tech News: This section provides important news updates about our district Technology

2. Three for Free: This section introduces three "new" applications are introduced

3. An Inspirational Video: This section gives an inspirational video that can be used for Bell Ringer/Class Starter exercises

4. Lesson Ideas: This section gives 1-2 cool lesson ideas

5. Professional Development Opportunities & Important Dates: This one is self-explanatory!

Update: This month, the Technology Department is looking for innovative ways to provide Technology PD. Also, we are researching/working on: Technology grants, Google Classroom, and STEM projects. If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to let me know. We hope to share more about these initiatives next month.

Three for Free

Check these applications out! These may be useful tools for your next lesson.


Ideas for in-class application:

  • Use this as a conversation starter at the beginning of the day.
  • Write/blog about the power of words.

Lesson Ideas


Padlet is a great tool that can be used in many ways to collect information that will help drive discussion and instruction. Here are a few ideas of ways you could use Padlet.

Exit Slips- At the end of a lesson, have the students post what they have learned by adding text or an oral recording.

Formative Assessment/Discussion- Ask a question and have the students add their answers for an easy and fast way to assess or ignite discussions.

Build Knowledge- Bookmark websites within Padlet and share it out with students to build prior knowledge of a concept. This will ensure that they are concentrated on the material you put in.

Fluency Checks- Have student use the video record feature on their device to record themselves reading. They will then post the video on a Padlet created by you.
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Breakout is a great way for your students to apply the skills they are learning to an activity that promotes collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. Breakouts can be themed and created using content you are covering in class. Check out the video... Breakout Intro.

Professional Development Opportunities & Important Dates

Save the Dates:

AETC (Birmingham, AL) June 12-14, 2018