North Africa

By: Michael Manns Jr.

5 countries in the region

  1. Algeria
  2. Egypt
  3. Libya
  4. Morocco
  5. Sudan


Sahara Desert

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Atlas Mountains

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The Climate

The climate is different. For example, the Atlas mountains , climate changes a lot. It can go up to 60 inches up north on the mountain a year. While in the East part of the mountains, it barely gets above 17 inches of rain a year.

In the Sahara Desert, the climate mainly stay the same expect around March and December where the highest is 55 degrees F. But it mainly stays hot all year around.


5 Physical features

2 major tourist attractions

Sun City Resort

contains four hotels, two championship golf courses, two casinos, an atmospheric South African cultural village and more than 7000 crocodiles within a sanctuary.

Kruger national park

The Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve on the continent and one the main tourist attractions in South Africa.


One current piece of conflict is the Arab spring which is located in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, SADR

What I like most

What I like the most about North Africa are the physical features. You have the Sahara Desert which takes of 25 percent of Africa. There is the Sahel and the Savanna which is where you could see tons of different animals run around. The Atlas mountains where you can take wonderful pictures of the view. Also the depending where you are, the climate can be great.