Come back in time

To the Mesozoic Era

Major events

Pangea was created and there was also a triassic extinction later on.The dinosaurs roamed the earth.Global cooling happened during the end. The triassic extinction is the extinction that killed the dinosaurs.The first flowering plants occured during the mesozoic.
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Trees,land,water and dry. It had Pangaea.It has low sea levels.All the continents are put together.They have trees and leafs.The kind of plants they have are ferns,cycads,ginkgophytes,bennettitaaleans and other unsual plants.
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The mesozoic era was very hot and dry.They had some flowering plants and some plants. The sea levels were high.There are no glacial conditions.No cold conditions. Also no migration.
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Dominate Animals

They are completely safe and willl not harm you i asure you. The kinds of animals we have are Dinosaurs,Giant Reptiles,and other aquatic animals.We also have frogs
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Come out and have a good time with us !!

Come celebrate and have a good adventure.You will not regret this decision you can learn a little and witness some unseen animals before your eyes.You can bring a camera water,lots of water ! and comfortable shoes and i would advise you to wear shorts since its hot.

Time Machine

This trip is Free ! no money at all,you don't have to pay.You press a button and a bubble comes up and blows around you and the people who are going with you and say where your going and you say where your going three times,But you have to be back in a certain amount of time.
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