Clackamas River Elementary

Quarantine Procedures

If you are receiving this link it is because your student must quarantine.

Your Student Was Exposed to Covid-19 at Clackamas River. Let's work through the next steps together for a safe, healthy transition.

Why Is Your Student Expected to Quarantine?

We are required to exclude staff and students from school whom we have reason to suspect have been exposed to COVID-19. (OAR 333-019-0010; OAR 333-019-0010).

An exposure is defined as a susceptible (lacking documentation of immunization and/or lacking evidence of immunity) individual, who has close contact for longer than 15 cumulative minutes in a day with a person who has COVID-19. Schools should work with their Local Public Health Authority to establish who was exposed and follow the LPHA’s determination of what is an exposure. If a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19, then the LPHA should be consulted to review the situation. If a school cannot confirm that 6 feet of distancing were consistently maintained or 3 foot distancing with consistent mask use was maintained during the school day, then each person the confirmed case was in contact with will need to quarantine – this could include all members of a stable cohort.

Teachers are required to have seating arrangements in their classrooms to help administrators and office staff to determine close contacts and thus peers who have been exposed.

Given the close contact tracking investigation of your student, your student must quarantine.

For How Many Days Will My Student Need to Quarantine or Isolate?

10 Days: If your student tests positive for COVID-19, then your student is to isolate for 10 days since the onset of symptoms.

10 Days: If your student is exposed, quarantine lasts 10 days (Day #1 is the first day after the exposure). On the 11th day, your student may return to school unless your student becomes sick while quarantining.

20 Days: If your student lives with a person who has COVID-19 and your student cannot relocate to a different home.

**If your student has contracted COVID-19 in the last 90 days, your student does not need to quarantine unless your student becomes symptomatic.

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Attending School Virtually While In Quarantine

It is an expectation for your student to continue to engage with their academic studies while in quarantine (if your student is too sick to participate, please let us know, and ask your student to rest). To engage virtually your student will:

  • Log into the classroom's canvas page to find the asynchronous assignments.
  • You can join your class on zoom.
  • Email the teacher with any questions you have about learning.
  • Submit all learning tasks each day.

During the length of your student's quarantine, your student will be marked as an excused absence. We will change that to present once the work for that day is submitted to the teacher.

In Addition to Contact Tracking, What Guidance Do Schools Use?

To support and guide our decision-making, we review the COVID-19 Exclusion Guidance Summary for K-12 Schools (please click on the link).

To support and guide our decision-making, we also review the "Planning for COVID-19 Scenarios in Schools" document.

Click HERE to View Common, FAQs about Quarantining

It can be scary to quarantine after an exposure. The dynamics of a family are complex: a quarantine of your student can cause adjustments within the typical routine of your household. Review this document to help you and your family make a plan.

View Our Safety Protocols for In-person Instruction

Click Here to View Our District-wide Safety Protocols.

Protective, proactive measures to limit and reduce the spread of Covid-19 at Clackamas River include:

--Cohorted hallways

--Mandatory mask-wearing inside, Optional outside.

--3' physical distancing where and when appropriate

--Improved ionized air filtration systems

--Assigned lunchroom spaces with 3' physical distancing

--Hand-sanitizing stations in each classroom and wipe-out-of-desk procedures

--Contact-tracking and seating arrangements

--Individual Chromebooks

--Quarantine and Isolation procedures

If you have any questions please call us at 503-630-8517.