MYP Updates and Resources for Teachers

April, 2016

I hope you all had a restful Spring Break! With summer approaching, we are preparing for summer training. The MYP goal is to have one person per content area trained, but we are working to provide additional training opportunities for teachers so we further develop quality MYP units for next year.

I hope you are having a great start to the final stretch of the school year!


April 4- April 8

This week's learner profile trait is Reflective.

Student actions:

I look back at my work and actions to understand how I am progressing and to make improvements. I aim to improve through evaluation and changing my actions for the better.

April 11- April 15

This week's learner profile trait is Risk-taker.

Student Actions:

I am not afraid to take on new challenges, to try new things or to try to make a positive difference in the world. I understand that to make a mistake gives me a valuable lesson from which to learn.

April 18- April 22

This week's learner profile trait of the week is Communicator.

Student Actions:

I communicate effectively with others, through a range of different media and with appropriate and understandable language. I like to share my ideas. I can cooperate well with others.

April 25- April 29

This week's learner profile trait of the week is Balanced.

Student Actions:

I balance life and school. I know how to use my time wisely to prepare myself for the future. I am active and take care of myself. I grow intellectually, emotionally and socially.


Please use the Helping Tigers GROWL link below to celebrate students who are demonstrating the learner profile traits. We want to honor these students and make the learner profile part of our culture and climate for student behavior and character development.

Technology and Student Engagement

We can boost student confidence in the classroom by connecting them to something bigger! Check out the video below of a 12th grade teacher in Oakland who uses technology to promote communication and reflection in her classroom.

Personal Project

Thank you to all the teachers and staff members who are personal project supervisors. The 10th grade students should be finishing up the "Take Action" portion of their project and starting their "Reflections."

Personal Projects should be completed by April 29. Students should schedule their final meeting with you to:

  • complete and sign the Academic Honesty Form
  • turn in the product, report, and process journal extracts

Students should include the cover sheet and Academic Honesty form with their report.


IHS Personal Project website

Notes to supervisors (March, 2016)

Personal Project Supervisor Guide

Personal Project Student Guide

Upcoming Events:

Subject Overviews: Review and Revise

Wednesday, April 20th, 9am

IHS during PLC meetings

With your subject area teams, please review and update your course subject overviews by the end of your PLC meeting in preparation for MYP vertical collaboration with the middle school.

Click here for your team's subject overviews.

Click here to review information and resources you may need to complete your subject overview.

English (9-12) and Math 1 and Math 2 teams will complete this work after the CAG writing has concluded.

MYP Vertical Collaboration

Wednesday, April 20th, 3:30-4:30pm

3200 North Park Drive

Sacramento, CA

The meeting will be in Room A204 (upstairs next to the NMS library). This meeting occurs outside the contractual day. You will be paid for your attendance.

The goals will be to review subject overviews in order to:

  • vertically align content and summative assessments
  • collaborate on expectations for student achievement from Years 1-5 of the program

Resources and Links

OCC (Online Curriculum Centre)

If you do not have an OCC account or don't remember how to access it, please let me know and I will set up an account for you.

IHS Managebac

If you cannot login to Managebac, please let me know. I will resend your login information to you.