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I am seeking to work with a group of teachers who would like to trial a very innovative online learning system that will enhance the learning experience of all Indonesian language learners.

Students would need to

  • have access to a headset with microphone
  • an Internet connected computer to support the lesson delivery.

Students can be taught individually or in class groups up to 15 in a class. Smaller class sizes optimize the opportunities for students to speak in class, and for this purpose class groups of no more than 6 are preferred.

Who Will Be Working with The Students?

We have been training English speaking Indonesian graduates to build a team of talented online teachers to create and deliver quality Indonesian programs to students on line. Presently we are delivering classes to adults who are seeking to establish businesses in Indonesia.

Do I have Control Over What My Students Will Learn?

You maintain complete control over the presentation materials, the main goal of these classes is to support the classroom strategies by offering real time conversations with English Speaking Indonesian Native Speakers. We work with you, as the classroom teacher to compile the Power Point Presentations for your students.

How Does It Work?

Teaching languages online is something all teachers need to take a close look at.

  • Classes can be delivered one on one.
  • Classes can contain multiple students.
  • A huge variety of resources can be shared in the classroom and everyone sees, and hears the same details, in real time.
  • Classes can be taken from ANYWHERE a student has an Internet connection, even when they are holidays, or representing the school in another state, or even another country.

Once we are contacted by a school, teacher or group we will need to organize an online meeting via Skype to establish the needs of your school and students. I would arrange a demonstration of our cyber classroom and share some of the work sheets we are presently using to teach Indonesian on line.

Before we can begin to create the lesson documents, it will be necessary to seek approval to proceed from the school Principal. Please involve your school Principal in the concept from the very beginning, we have a great system and as we are seeking to trial our system in a school, we will require the cooperation of the school executive to facilitate the trial.

Does My School Need This System?

If your school meets any of these criteria, an on line learning option will help you meet the needs of your students:

  • We require follow up support for students outside class time.
  • We would like the chance for our students to study Board of Studies based Indonesian curriculum materials with English speaking Indonesian graduates during class time.
  • We would like to introduce Indonesian into our school but we do not have the student population to timetable an Indonesian Teacher.
  • We would like to offer the Indonesian language to our students but we are located in a remote location and cannot access suitable staff, but we have the Internet.
  • We would like the versatility that studying on line will offer our students who are away from school from time to time, so that they can study where ever they are, as long as they have a laptop, headset and an Internet connection.

What Is “Learning Becomes You”?

We believe that there will be a resurgence of interest in the Indonesian Language generated by the huge business interest groups that are presently seeking to establish trade with our Asian neighbour and those new businesses that will be joining in with this trend in the near future.

Learning Becomes You was established to support schools in delivering Indonesian Language skills to their students by not only offering quality on line support materials, but facilitating these deliveries with fully trained English speaking Indonesian native speakers.

The Learning Becomes You delivery system has grown from many years of English Lesson deliveries on line. It is the principles associated with tried and proven English lesson deliveries that the Indonesian Learning System is based.

Learning Becomes You has been working with English speaking Indonesian Graduates to build a team of talented teachers to create and deliver quality Indonesian programs to students on line. Presently we are delivering classes to adults who are seeking to establish businesses in Indonesia. The system works for Business People and it will work for students.

By working with teachers from schools, the team from Learning Becomes You can create tailored programs to meet the unique needs of students studying Indonesian in schools. We see this approach as a support mechanism to teachers in classrooms, where students can reinforce their learning on line with native speakers from Indonesia. These classes can be delivered in class time, to class groups or as follow up work for students direct from home. It all depends on what your students need.

Our teachers use a quality on line Adobe Connect classrooms to deliver professionally prepared and sequenced programs, in real time, with full sound and graphics capabilities. We base our lessons on Power Point and PDF Presentations. We base our lesson deliveries on the abilities and language skills of the student, we deliver the classes in Indonesian to promote the verbal skills of students in the Indonesian language. While our teachers can offer English support to students they are committed to maintaining these classes as real conversation classes.

Please feel free to review our website at

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We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

Stephen J. Keighran