Are you a Typical Teenager?

Jackson Dugan

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Every member of this family is smiling, and they all seem to be having fun. They enjoy doing the work that they are doing, and are doing it as one big happy family. Families are constantly portrayed together, showing that one can only be happy if they have a family.
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The Glee Club is separated into three clubs; two for girls, one for boys. They are all separating based on gender. Also, they all seem to be dressed similarly. The girls are all wearing skirts and nice tops. All of the boys are wearing suits. Nobody stands out.
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The key to looking successful in this time period was a car. Advertisements and pictures everywhere show people driving cars, and these people are very happy. This shows that happiness and success require a car.

What if I were a teenager, but I didn't fit the mold?

If I were a teenager in this time, and could not fit the mold or expectations of how to look or act, I am not sure what I would do. The reasons that would cause me not to fit this mold could be that I don't want to dress like everybody else, or that I have different interests as everybody else. The truth is though, plenty of other people have the same interests, they just don't feel good expressing them because those interests don't fit the mold. In this situation, one may feel lost and might not have many friends. A solution to this would be to find people that have similar interests, even if they don't meet social expectations. If there are enough people with similar interests, it may create a new mold, or at least meet expectations.