2013 Oct - Dec / Early 2014 Update

Love Changes Nations


Thank you so much, family and friends, for your love, prayers, and support. For standing by us, and pushing us forward in the projects and journey that God has brought us on. We are so grateful to be able to do what we do, but it would have not been possible without your help. This year is going to be exciting, as God leads us to new nations and new directions, with renewed hope and vision. It's aways an adventure as we step into the unknown, but its the best journey there is!

Please write back, we want to hear from you too!!

Much love,


WanHsi & Juliana



We flew out to the Philippines at the start of Dec, and travelled to Tacloban where Typhoon Yolanda has wrecked devastation upon the Visayas. Thousands were killed, some 660,000 people have been displaced, among a total of 9.8 million affected. Many were still searching for loved ones among the stench and debris.

We saw the destruction of homes and cities, loss of lives, terror of the children, damage on the land and loss of livelihood. Some survivors recounted to us their experience being in the eye of the storm that lasted up to 10 minutes. The people thought the storm was over until they heard a monstrous roar coming from the ocean and saw what they described as "a cloud of darkness coming over us".


We went straight to our friends at WEBC, a local bible college and community we have been working with since 2009. All the staff and students survived the Typhoon! We brought medical supplies with us which we combined with the relief supplies they had, and distributed them to the villagers from around the area. Relief from the government stopped 2 weeks after the Typhoon.

Most of the villagers outside of Tacloban are not receiving aid. They are in need of food, medicines, and clean water. Their homes have been destroyed. Their means of livelihood - mainly agriculture (coconut, rice) and fishing have been wiped out. Coconut trees actually take 5-10 years to grow! There is still a lot of debris to clear, and there are many dead bodies left buried under.

We are looking to return early this year for the rebuilding phase.


We had our yearly mission trip to Mozambique over Christmas right after the Philippines. This year, Heidi Baker (Iris Global) sent us to a village nearer to Pemba, where the children have worms infesting their feet.

We prepared a feast of rice, beans, chicken, potatoes for Christmas for the children and mamas. :) We also purchased slippers for the children. We washed their feet together with the mamas, and put the slippers on for them. Seeing the shy smiles on their little faces is simply priceless!



We plan to purchase a truck for ministry purposes in Brazil. We travel around different cities very often for ministry engagements, invitations to lead worship and intercession in churches. We also hope to increase our work among the poor. We need a truck to bring our equipment with us, as well team members. Cost - US$ 12, 000.


There is much to do in terms of rebuilding, both physically and spiritually. We want to return with a bigger team, with more resources (financial and know-how) to rebuild homes, find means of livelihood and encourage the hearts of the people. There is such a big harvest field as more than ever, people are turning to God, in thanksgiving, and looking to Him for hope, strength and comfort.

Let the church unite & arise. Let us partner with the Lord of the Harvest, our God of love!!

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