#C6edtech Resources

March 2016

Fox teachers and administrators are in the last week of the District's 15 day Twitter Challenge. Throughout this challenge, Fox teachers have shared over 500 tweets with inspirational messages, resources, classroom management techniques, and more. In addition to giving teachers around the district an opportunity to share some of the amazing things happening in their classrooms and to learn from colleagues down the hall and across the district, this Twitter challenge has given teachers the power to make connections and establish relationships not only with colleagues around the district but with educators all across the country. Even if you have not had the opportunity to participate in the Twitter challenge yet, I encourage you to explore the #C6Learns hashtag on Twitter, share some of the amazing things going on in your classrooms, and connect with educators around the district and across the country. Making connections, after all, is what technology is all about.

Check out an archive of all the tweets from week 1 of the #C6Learns Twitter Challenge here and all of the tweets from week 2 here.

Additionally, we are getting closer to the March 30th transition date for our switch to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook. If you have any questions be sure to talk to your building's Gmail transition leader or reach out to me.

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MAP Test Training Site

With the MAP test rapidly approaching, it's important for principals and teachers to start thinking about getting students ready to test online. With this in mind, I want to remind everyone about the MAP test tools training site available to Fox teachers and students.

We have created a website with descriptions of the question types and testing tools available to students when they take the MAP test (based on released items). I strongly recommend that teachers familiarize themselves with the testing tools and give students multiple opportunities to complete the practice tests and manipulate the testing tools prior to taking the MAP test. You can access the MAP test training site at http://bit.ly/fox-map-prac.

Google of the Week

Google Docs Comment Shortcuts

Leaving valuable, timely feedback is incredibly important when responding to student writing. The only problem is that leaving quality feedback is also incredibly time consuming. There is a little-known trick inside of Google Docs that allows teachers to save a little time when leaving feedback on student writing: custom comment codes. Watch the video below for instructions on creating custom comment codes in Google Docs.

Tip: Include a link to a YouTube video in your custom comment codes to give students easy access to instruction based on your feedback.

Create Custom Comment Codes in Google Docs