News for members of the Student Library Advisory Board!

Fall Festival a Success

Congratulations! With your hard work, our library hosted a hugely successful fall festival! Quite possibly the first one the BHS Libraries have ever hosted. We have over 170 kids guess the candy corn game, and it is estimated that nearly 300 people enjoyed our festival among all three lunches! Our fortune teller, Victoria, had a long line, and Emily Aguirre, our photography, was busy capturing candid and photo booth shots! See the pictures below for other great activities!

Upcoming Events

Important Reminders

  • Please stop by and see Mrs. Thicksten for a field trip travel form, if you plan to go to Crystal Bridges.
  • Our trip to Crystal Bridges is on December 17th. More info to come.
  • Our next SLAB meeting is Thursday, November 15th during seminar!


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President: Rachel Johnson

Vice Presidents: Caroline Koonce, Andrew Tompkins, Leea Johnson, Chrissy Bartholomew