Kingdom Keepers: Disney at Dawn

By Ridley Pearson; 377 pages

kingdom keepers; book II Disney at Dawn

Disney at Dawn is the second book of the kingdom keepers series. This book takes place in Orlando, Florida. This book is about 5 kids who are chosen to be hologram hosts for Disneyworld. This is in 1st person, but it varies from the main characters points of view. In the first book they realize that in their sleep they turn into their DHIs (Disney Host Interactive) and they have to battle the Overtakers, the Disney villains. In this book Maleficent, tries to awaken Chernabog, one of the worst villains Walt Disney ever created. Finn, Maybeck, Charlotte, Philby and Willa also have to rescue their friend Amanda's sister Jess from the Overtakers. If that wasn't enough, Maleficent wants to kill them and Amanda and Jess have magical powers. This is a really good book about friends, magic, a lot of action and some cool information about Disney. I hope you read this series!


The theme is "good triumphing evil".

I could apply this to my life because I do POP and we stand up to bullying. We are the good, triumphing evil. I can be the good triumphing evil by helping at church, doing POP, helping out. Police are "good triumphing evil". I want to be a lawyer when I grow up and I will be "good" I want to be a prosecutor, so I will be "triumphing evil". If I do good things, things that God wants me to do, I will be triumphing evil, I will be against sin, and the devil. I hope to live my life by this theme.

The "happiest place on earth" just got "Overtaken".