Snapshot of 21st Century Learning

Including - Lizzie Chase's Inspiring Resources!

Week 8 New Resources

Visual Writing Prompts - Lizzie Chase

Peppercorns and Nuggets - Images to Inspire Writing - inspiring

Crunch Crackle Create - Exemplary Enrichment Tasks

Jump Into Story Boarding - Fantastic resource

Celebrating Us

If you missed it last week - Lizzie's Short Listed Book tasks - a fantastic QT resource

Project Based Learning - inspirational -QT

Rich - 8 Ways Tasks - L Chase

Other Worlds - L Chase - eBook and Website

Inferring With Images - L Chase

Bands of Heroes - L Chase - Yrs 5-8 blog writing task

Picture Talk Cards - not just for Kinder

Super Six Fun - CBCA Blog - Term 3

BOS Support English Document for teaching students with disabilities

Maths - S Tooney - Maths Stage Statements - another quality resource

Maths - S Tooney - MathsYearly Scope and Sequence - a must to look at

Assessment For Learning - Excellent website, 32 tasks to download, created by Curriculum Corporation

TEN -Early Arithmetic Strategies -Assessment Proforma - N Brooke

QR Pinterest -N Beattie

Tech Tools For Teachers - N Beattie Pinterest

Visual Writing Prompts - Great ideas

Writing Rubric

Apps To Inspire Writing - Exciting list of inspiring apps

Piktochart - Use Piktochart to create infographics, watch the "how to" movie